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  1. professor_utonium

    Lag issues on Xbox one

    I second this
  2. professor_utonium

    Xbox one crashes from lag

    I know I've been a day one pre launch player and I'm also kinda bummed about the performance on Xbox. Feels like we're an afterthought.
  3. professor_utonium

    How do I get off this planet?

    Yeah let's keep it up
  4. professor_utonium

    How do I get off this planet?

    sure unless you think it's useful to other idiots like myself
  5. professor_utonium

    How do I get off this planet?

    I think I will delete this post so I don't clutter up the internet with my stupidity. Many thanks!
  6. professor_utonium

    How do I get off this planet?

    where do I place the generator? I can't make anything that the printer can plug into.
  7. professor_utonium

    How do I get off this planet?

    I am stranded on Barren after launching off in a small shuttle with a solid fuel thruster. (1 way thruster really guys?). I have the small portable 3d printer but with no power source I can't make anything else to leave. So I have to just delete the save file from this one mistake? Hope it's not this way when the game is released ?.
  8. professor_utonium

    A little disappointed

    I am updating the patch right now that's supposed to fix the frame rate. Fingers crossed. Hopefully I will be able to play on older files to test it since they also keep randomly disappearing.
  9. professor_utonium

    A little disappointed

    That's good new I hope it seriously enhances performance and provides at least a few more hours of gameplay on each file. Yeah they are not ready to move on with Alpha or Beta or anything until the game is even playable for more than a few hours. And yes the vehicles, my god. They handle like shit haha. It's like trying to ride butter; the vehicles seem so slippery and out of control.
  10. professor_utonium

    A little disappointed

    I got this game the night it came out a year ago and put in a good amount of time. I just got back on after a 10-9 month break from the game and I'm not too stoked on the performance of the game on Xbox. I'm glad most of the glitches of clipping through walls and falling through the floor to my death are gone and I do appreciate all of the new changes that add to gameplay, but this frame rate is killing me. It is such a turn off to have the game render 2 feet in front of my character when I run. I still love the game and know the developers are hard at work and I know the game is in pre- alpha but I still am bummed that after a year it's still a hassle to even play on a certain file for more than a dozen hours or so.
  11. professor_utonium

    (Xbox) disappearing and reappearing save games.

    This happened to me last night and this morning as well. Same exact thing.
  12. professor_utonium

    poopie fps

    The newest patch fixed a lot, but not the frame rate for me. The fps is still high after loading up save files where I spent a couple hours on.
  13. professor_utonium

    Lag For Xbox One is Game breaking

    same same
  14. professor_utonium

    Lag For Xbox One is Game breaking

    yeah mine's lagging a lot now too. The last patch made things a little better, but as I've progressed more through the game, the lag is too much.
  15. professor_utonium

    Falling through the world

    me too.