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  1. YOU CAN GET TO THE CENTER OF THE PLANET!!!!!! Im going to dig a big freaking hole right now!
  2. Thats a very cool idea almost like Kerbal. I think at least a planetary map would be nice, so that when you go wondering through the wastelands you can at-least locate you base or a direction to head instead of using the celestial belt as a navigation.
  3. OS Windows 10 laptop I have been able to tether three vehicles with no lagging; however once you tether the forth vehicle to lags extremely hard. I use the truck with a single seat ( car 1) then I add two buggies without seats (x2) I am tethering them by using the auto connector. The forth vehicle and subsequent are all the buggies with no seats. I have some that are also with storage and solar panels and no change the only variable is when i connect the forth or more vehicles.