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  1. Well, the big problem with permanently built tanks would be managing them. Medium storages aren't welded in place and you can easily move them about. Although then again, we already have the winch for the "grab and pull a hose" sort of interaction so I suppose with a few tweaks they could adjust that to transport fuel/soil? And, a large rover can hold 64 canisters. (or 32 canisters plus crane I suppose).
  2. Yeah, I think they should just make grindable chunks be a byproduct of dynamite destroying stuff.
  3. The game definitely needs to have bigger storage tanks, and a hose system would probably be necessary for them to work with thrusters/shuttle fuel tanks/mineral extractors. Although technically they could just link "through platform/rover/shuttle".
  4. Multiplayer is definitely a great feature of this game. Games like this lose half the appeal and replayability if you can't goof off with your friends.
  5. Could make dynamite spawn some smaller scrap chunks when it destroys a big wreck.
  6. You couldn't drive a rover from a large storage either, in already.
  7. I really liked the hoverbuttons much more than the current sticky button implementation. Oh well.
  8. This. A setting or at least some timer between saves would be great. The game doesn't crash nearly often enough to warrant saving so often.
  9. Update - this only happens when I use the "save and exit to Windows" option, "save and exit to main menu" saves the settings. Yeah, this problem has been in at least for a few versions now. Hope it gets fixed sooner than later.
  10. Still getting a bug where every time I launch the game the audio options reset to a previous state (currently, muting music/effects). Resetting the options seems to stick for a bit, but then the issue reappears. ...on a related note, could we get nicer audio setting controls? Clicking a tiny arrow 30 times isn't the best UX.
  11. I'm not sure how well the conveyor system would work with the games physics and all the possible inclines that can happen in the tunnels. It would be cool, but the easier solution is to make a rover like this one:
  12. Find an astroneer corpse/ exo dynamics wreck and retrieve some part/data storage. Research N of certain research sample. Gather N exotic material and send it off. Construct a monitoring station (or even just a beacon) and place it in a space with given conditions. As a combination, find a number of special parts on exo dynamics wrecks/astroneer corpses to assemble something important. The rewards could be special schematics or even simply finding and assembling stuff like extra large modules or some refinery facilities.
  13. Would definitely make all the research you find on the later planets useful.
  14. I hope that it is going to be a part of the farming update. Though it'd probably have to be less efficient than in the tutorial.
  15. This would absolutely be an improvement. It baffles me that the high-tier storages that were introduced semi-recently all lose to the medium/large storage combo where they are avaliable as alternative. For crying out loud, that "very big" storage dome only has 31 small slots while two large storages filled with medium storages will have 64 *and* will allow you to grab medum storages separately for management.