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  1. I LOVE the system. Don't understand where all the hate is from. And besides, any problems you have with the physics while driving a vehicle in-game will surely disappear as the development of the game continues.
  2. Galapagew

    Astroneer Challenges?

    Really cool thing called the "search bar".
  3. Galapagew

    Look at what I found!

    Developers say it's just bones.
  4. Galapagew

    Color of aluminum and copper
  5. Galapagew

    Basic ideas

    It means you're a normie who actually watches Markiplier unironically.
  6. Galapagew

    Basic ideas They even have a sequel to this game! ... ... ... ...also, it's spelled "realistic"...
  7. Galapagew

    List of things to NOT add to the game

    No to everything in this thread but this. This is exactly what I've thought whenever I hear someone saying something about adding animals and guns and PVP to Astroneer. I think Minecraft would suit a lot of you. And it has a much larger team working on it, too. Wanna game about survival and PVP and animals, like so many of you ask? Minecraft is for you. They have gun mods as well. Just want a game about animals? Farming Simulator. Just a game about guns? CS:GO (and countless others). What about a game with survival and guns? Get a hunting game. I don't care, but this certainly isn't for Astroneer.
  8. Galapagew

    Ground-penetrating Radar (GPR)

    Even Minecraft players know the rule...
  9. Galapagew

    Research additional terrain tool features

    You seem to have a knack for graphics. I do think that maybe the size of area the terrain tool effects should be a bit smaller, allowing for more detailed designed at a small scale, and maybe the size would also be changeable, but I also think that the limitations when it comes to building really challenge our creativity. This is a sandbox game, after all. Some tiny changes to the terrain tool? Yes. Huge new features? Meh.
  10. Galapagew

    My Astroneer wants to go.........................

    Not sure if this would fit into the game real well. The only kind of upgrade I could see being added would be a jetpack or something for easier transportation (as our transportation options, at the moment, while sufficient, are incredibly limited. I wanna travel with style).
  11. "Happyness" is actually spelled "Happiness".
  12. Galapagew

    Emergency Shelter

    One compound? To construct a building? Sounds like you really dislike sandstorms. You could always dig yourself a hole. Seriously. That's all that's necessary.
  13. Galapagew

    Robot Helper

    First off: 10 / 10 graphics Second: I think the idea is pretty complex. Not sure how well it'd fit into the game. +0
  14. Galapagew

    Landing Pad

    I love this idea, and we really need a landing pad. Right now, I have my spaceship clipped into my first shuttle. Really annoying having them only land in one possible spot.
  15. I've marginally enjoyed your suggestions here. They're all moderately creative. Give yourself a somewhat-joyful pat on the back - nothing too exultent, though. Your suggestions regarding farming and food-production are superb. I've wanted a similar feature added to Astroneer in the past.