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    The terrain tool reticle

    I know I'm probably late to the party here, but I wanted to pop in and say that the canister fullness display on the terrain tool reticle is a masterpiece of UI design. Being able to look at it's border and see not only how many canisters I am holding but how full of soil they are is a nice, subtle touch. Please don't take this as sarcasm, I am seriously very impressed.
  2. erikinthebakery

    Am i the only one disappointed?

    Having come back to the game after a long break, I have to say I really like the new research system. I like being strategic about what I unlock early, deciding if I want items to accelerate my ability to process research (more power options) or explore (vehicles, etc). No more going and collecting piles of items, hoping one of them will get me closer to my goal instead of just giving me filters. It feels like a different game wrapped in the same graphics. And I like this new game.
  3. Noticed an issue when I returned to base with a rover train. Neither the Large Rover nor the Medium Rover wanted to connect to the base. When I clicked on the cable hologram, it played the "retract" animation. After unhooking and reconnecting my large rover to the rest of the train I was able to get it to the base. I had no such luck with the medium rover. Video is attached. 8-17-2017_8-51-33_PM.mp4
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    [Suit Upgrades and the "Compressor"]

    I think the O2 tank upgrade is already in the game. An extra Tank costs one titanium once you have the recipe.
  5. erikinthebakery

    [Suit Upgrades and the "Compressor"]

    To be honest, I think the most interesting part of this is the idea of using crafted items as crafting materials. It would open up quite a few possibilities.
  6. erikinthebakery

    Should I buy Astroneer?

    Just wanted to add in that Astroneer has become my favorite I-need-to-relax-because-I'm-exhausted-but-can't-sleep-yet game. Even with the bugs (sometimes humorous) this game can be very chill. Not that I'm trying to downplay @SES_Adam's skills, but you may not want to have an artist diving into the code like that...
  7. After/if the changes to the terrain deformer go in (where you collect Sediment and it takes no power to remove it) I was thinking an interesting use for the power you are not needing as much in the early game would be to have the backpack printer require it to run. It would fit in the context of the game (the other printers are all powered) and the player would not be in danger of being forever stuck because it is always possible to get more power.
  8. erikinthebakery

    Backpack power use after the terrain change

    The base premises of the game require quite a bit of suspension of disbelief and that is part of the fun, so personally I'm not too bothered by the lack of "logic". I think the bigger concern is finding the right gameplay balance.
  9. erikinthebakery


    Sony does not have the early access program that Microsoft and Steam have, so it would have to be after the full release.
  10. I agree with the "one sediment" idea. The analyzer, once programmed, can output whatever type of sediment it is set to.
  11. erikinthebakery

    Steam recent Status

    They are adding new content, they are reworking major game systems, they are very transparent about their progress and they are very transparent about the state of the game. If they were focusing on "adding new content" right now, the game would suffer for it.
  12. erikinthebakery

    It has been a while!

    You have to put it on top of the Smelter to keep it warm... right?
  13. erikinthebakery

    What is taking System Era so long

    In one of the recent patches they started adding some of the backend stuff it would take to support dedicated servers.
  14. erikinthebakery

    Anyone knows how to make surflace flat?

    The world is not flat.
  15. erikinthebakery

    The randomized Research system is just terrible.

    The current method is definitely gray. Also, I have never thought of it as "The Astroneer is inventing these items". Seems more like "The Astroneer is being rewarded with new schematics and items for things he has discovered".
  16. erikinthebakery

    What is taking System Era so long

    Games are a "little" more complex than they were back when they made DOOM. Also, keep in mind we all chose to pay money for a buggy, partial game so early in its development they are still working out how the core systems work. We are reminded of this with a splash screen every single time we load a world. If you aren't happy about that, then your bad... not theirs.
  17. erikinthebakery

    The randomized Research system is just terrible.

    This is pretty true. Before the research change, I played every new start pretty much the same way. With the decreased reliability of getting certain recipes, I've had a chance to see more of the breadth of the game. I never had to use some of the items (small generator, for example) because I always had other items to use instead. I like having some idea of where to look for certain recipes. This is not to say that I'm not glad they are still working on it. But what they have not is not game breaking.
  18. Playing last night and when my rover took off flying due to the gravity bug its wheels separated and flew behind it. They did eventually resync to their proper places on the rover, in pairs (front/back) but this took over a minute, with about 20 seconds between.
  19. erikinthebakery

    Some controller updates in 197?

    Extending the platform didn't trigger it. It was hovering over the open slot on top of an extended platform. The same reticle that shows up when you can activate other items (like connecting a rover to the base or activating dynamite).
  20. erikinthebakery

    Some controller updates in 197?

    Hey all, I was playing after a bit of a break last night and I noticed a couple things that seemed new with the controller controls last night. (This was on Xbox, so no Experimental branch for me). Hitting the D-pad down not only pulled a tether out but placed it I could click on waiting base slot (for example, an extension that wanted one Resin to become a small platform) and it would automatically pull the resin out of my backpack. I know the first one is new because @SamanthaZero talked about it on the controller livestream. I'm pretty sure the second is real too. So... thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! Both excellent changes!
  21. erikinthebakery

    What happened to the Fun (GRINDING != FUN)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  22. erikinthebakery

    Should I buy Astroneer?

    Like others have said, if you are ok playing a game that is definitely a "work in progress", buy it now. If you'd rather have a more finished game, buy it later. It sounds like you'll like it. In the last month, there have been 8 developer Twitch streams over at their official Twitch account. They've also been posting weekly Q&As along with frequent update vlogs on their official Youtube. So, I'd say they were pretty active!
  23. erikinthebakery

    FAQ: Ammonium

    That's the nice thing about gaming. You can go to other pastures for a while and then come back later when the grass has had a bit more time to grow over here.
  24. erikinthebakery

    FAQ: Ammonium

    These are clearly cave trolls. Seriously, they are building a game for the long term. They are still working on major systems like terrain. If it is easier for their workflow to add in a couple items that aren't used in the game yet, big deal! Content will come. Let them build the game!
  25. erikinthebakery

    B button on controller

    They are currently in the process of completely reworking how the controller works with the game