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  1. I have this same issue and would love a clear resolution as to how to fix it. We worked around it once by trying a ton of things but I have no idea how we got it to work.
  2. Joining: We were able to connect once, but most of the time we join the other person and then after it loads for awhile get kicked back to the single player screen. When it does load the avatar selection screen, the mouse doesn't work and the keyboard has to be used. Items: As the Host I can pickup all items, things that are on the ground the other player seems unable to pickup. 3-Seater on Truck: After both getting into the Truck and I started driving it flung the other player into space, he orbited the sun and then appeared back on the ground, then his game crashed. Sounds: We can hear
  3. Oh, improvement to my idea. Each Transmitter has a limited range, so you have to setup multiple outposts to get more planet coverage.
  4. You click on the hook and then click on the object you want to attach it too. If the object is too heavy it will unhook when you try to pull it meaning you need more winches!
  5. Part of the draw to this game for many people, from the reviews I've read, is the simplicity and ease at which you can play. Since it is about exploration you could argue being able to beacon points of interest and then find them again is important. Especially when you start talking about the cave systems. Radar does not require satellites, but I like the idea, similar to my original post where you need a station (Transmitter) at least where your base is. Again, I just want it to show the direction of the base, maybe distance. If you don't want to use the radar, you don't have to.
  6. You can currently do this using the winch and a vehicle. I would like to see objects you've dug up to despawn eventually. I have a tree that is endlessly being blown back and forth on the ground near my base.
  7. Grappling hook backpack module that takes 1-2 of the two slots. Fired using a hot key such as 'G' towards the location the player is aiming. Grappling rope length is reduced as the player holds 'G' Double pressing 'G' unhooks grapple. Limited range, similar to the mining range. Swinging into a wall at high speed hurts player. Optionally allow player to use mining tool or pickup objects while grappled. -Pictures Astroneer lowering into a cavern from the roof, grabbing research, and raising out.
  8. Installs into one of the two backpack slots. Shows the icons for vehicles, home, and beacons either: a. At their specific locations, even if that location through the planet (IE: opposite sides of the planet) b. At the horizon in the direction that is closest to the player based on a measure of the circumference. This could even require a module be install at the base such as a Radar Dish to work.
  9. Can you get back in the seat?
  10. Existing Posts Regarding JetPack:
  11. Installs into both of the backpack slots. Consumes Hydrazine from backpack. Supports 6 directions of movement or just move in the direction of cursor and keep feet aligned with planet gravity. Each fuel canister lasts for...oh like 20 seconds. Supports hovering.
  12. Make sure the game is activated in windows and not just on steam?
  13. What he said, its like a physics test ball.