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  1. I hope that Astroneer is about much more than exploring and not the objective of the game. I know I don't represent everyone, but exploring is only fun for the first play through discovering content. Example: I don't go back and explore skyrim to look at mountains I've already seen, nor do I go drive around tundra for fun. I know as more content and easter eggs are added there will be hours of exploring added to the game, but I hope there are more goals/objectives and awesome things to build, as that is what will keep me coming back. I want my Astroneer to build a space empire and "strike it r
  2. Astroneer should incorporate a fusion reactor. It should be an item that is researched in several steps and runs on an ultra rare fuel such as astronium. The advantage of a fusion reactor is with a tiny amount of fuel it would make lots of energy, for example one astronium could yield 50 times more energy than one coal. This would make the fuel source very desirable and thus highly sought after. This would also complement future economy/trade aspects of the game. Ideally the fusion reactor should not be miniaturized, having ridiculous amounts of energy available in the backup would break
  3. I agree this would be lots of fun to visit other solar systems. It would be cool if the ship was so big you couldn't even build it on the planet. You have to build it module by module and take each one to space on a shuttle. Once in space you could begin assembling the ship together. Modular concept would be cool, so you could put different engines like ion drives instead of hydrazine if you want. You should have to accommodate a hanger that holds a shuttle, so when you visit other planets you have a landing craft. I think this opens the door to starting a trade empire as well. You could
  4. +1 Once you get a truck setup with all your storage it would be cool to bring it to another planet! That would require a massive ship, but that would be half the fun! Also a big crawler that could move your space ship around on the ground would be handy. Having them stuck in the vehicle bay or land where you don't want is annoying.
  5. I've noticed the resources in mountains are the same as going underground. To me, its easier to dig underground right next to base then go look around in a mountain, which is unfortunate. I would like to have a reason to go explore the mountains more. There should be more rare resources in mountains to make them worth exploring. They don't need to have the rarest elements like astronium, instead they should have higher concentrations of gold, iron, rare metals, etc. Mountains naturally bring elements from deep in the ground to the surface so it could be easier to find some elements in mo
  6. Spherical wheels could make sense on a perfectly flat road, on a rough surface however they become less practical. Spheres have a single point of contact with the surface and would have less traction than regular tires. Spherical tires would be prone to poor traction, sinking in sand, and other performance issues when off road. In addition there is no way to physically attach them to the rover, no conventional axle could be used which means you are relying on incredibly complex magnetic forces. IMO Too complicated and not enough benefit The wheels Sidegamer posted are interesting and grea
  7. I like this idea. I hope we get other solar systems with gas planets. A single gas giant could have 30 different moons to explore,
  8. They could just use solar panels, thats what current ionic drives use.
  9. I believe the developers have already solved this and we are just playing a pre alpha without all the content yet. Look at the art at the top of this page and you can see spherical storage tanks that look like liquid oxygen/hyrdrogen tanks. Hydrazine requires oxygen to burn and we can assume there is none in the atmosphere, if there was the hydrazine would have spontaneously combusted at some point, its very reactive. Since we can condense hydrazine from atmosphere, there is no oxygen present. There will likely be a researchable building that creates/stores liquid oxygen, probably pr
  10. Advantage of ion drive is the craft is constantly accelerating with minimal fuel use and can ultimately go much faster than combustion propulsion. However, with todays tech the acceleration is tiny and it takes a long time to speed up making it most useful on long journeys. The ion drive would allow the current spaceships to travel to distant planets faster and perhaps could be used to extend the travel ring. Very useful for traveling long distances, should be applied to the next gen of spaceships that go to other solar systems. P.S. Look up the Electromagnetic drive as well: http://
  11. The problem with "power nodes" is it goes against the theme of the game. They've designed the nodes to be universal, as they should be in space travel, as any connection that is unique and not universal is much less valuable. Everything should be designed with universal compatibility or you end up with parts you don't have replacements for, components that don't work together etc. A realistic limit to stacking batteries is weight, they are incredibly heavy, like tens of thousands of pounds. Several stacked together would require a massive frame to hold the weight, and over the limited surface
  12. As the currently stated objective of the game is to get rich, it brings up the question "how do we define rich?" Currency does not currently exist in the game and has been suggested numerous times, but should it be included? As the game gets more content it appears we may get a multiplayer trade market and determining value for each resource will be very important. I think there are good arguments for both cases and have outlined some below, I'm interested to see where people want the game to go. Arguments for a space currency: Comparison between players is simplified, easy to see