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  1. I think drones should be implemented, but not as "useful" as op puts it. For instance, they shouldn't be able to go out and find stuff for the player. A little drone carrying an entire body or towing a large vehicle seems a little out of the ordinary. I also don't like the idea of it being able to tell you where minerals are. I think there should be a "ore locator" module or something, that would be a simple light that attaches to the drone, and flashes at a different rate whenever youre getting closer or farther from the mineral youre looking for. Imo it should be more like a helpful tool, an
  2. I agree, it does make sense, this game is supposed to focus around astronauts seeking to make fortunes. However, I feel like that robs from the style of play the game currently has. The entire game would revolve around these crystals, players would simply have to find the rarest material, sell it, and be able to obtain whatever they wanted. Think about how the planets are set up, currently you spawn on planet A, which has an abundance of common materials, with the need to explore caves or scavenge for rarer materials or research. But then you go to planet B, which has an abundance of rare mate
  3. Posted this over ing Gen Disc., just how I think maps should be integrated: I do like your idea of levels of mapping, and maybe this could be the first level, crafted with titanium and copper or something. Then you could get stronger mapping tools that you mentioned later on in the game.
  4. Only proper way a map system should be implemented into this game imo, is a weak radar/map item. It would give you a rough and mostly topographical view of an immediate range around you, and then any beacons or habitats would show up as blips on said radar. If the beacon is out of the view range of the radar, it would just show up on the edge of the hud. This way, you don't take away from the exploration aspect, but you can still help yourself when you get totally lost. You could also make it so the radar has a range, and that blips will only show up so far away from the player. This woul
  5. There is a compass already in the game, mouse over your character and youll see it. Also, beacons, and if you take off into space you can see where you have a habitat. I do agree with a map feature tho
  6. I like the idea of currency, but only if its limited. I don't think it should be used to buy materials or objects, I like the idea of it only being used to buy higher tier schemes. Alternatively, you could just remove the idea of currency, and substitute that with research points, which would be gained through researching all those weird object you find around planets. You would then need to build an upgrade station (or something similar) where you could spend those points to buy new schemes. Basic schemes would be available at the start like you said, but higher tiers would cost more research
  7. First off, I just recently got this game and I'm loving it, shouts out to the dev team for putting out some great content. My biggest beef with the current game, however, is that although very entertaining, it doesn't pose that much of a challenge at times. It's more of like a creative sandbox with progression and a few survival aspects. This is expected though, because its pre-alpha, and theres not really enough content to differentiate between difficulty levels. So heres a few idea's I had that could be implemented when (or IF) different difficulties are integrated. Difficulty levels