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  1. I saw many people already reporting it, but i'm making a topic to address all the issues with the land rovers so far. Rover won't work: On entering the rover and attempting to move, the vehicle won't work what so ever, regardless of energy. Bellow are some possible reason/fix but none of them are 100% consistent. Some times, removing batteries or external power sources or any items on the driving rover work. Some times detaching the driver rover, entering the driving rover and making sure it works, getting out and re attaching works. Some times alt-tabbing works. Some times flipping the rover works. Saving/Loading seems to don't work A small bump completely destroys momentum: Mostly a medium rover issue, it seems it want's a absolutely plain field to travel, even a small irregular shape will stop it from 100 to 0 in a frame or flip side-ways. Also the medium rover seems to not have traction/adherence at all, a simple curve sends connected modules to drift left and right. Wheels stuck on other modules wheels. While the rover is drifting I noticed the wheels stuck on inverted positions. Module 2 has the 4 wheels turned left and module 3 has them turned right and both seem to be stuck on each other. And they stay stuck even after the drift stops, making impossible to drive in a straight line. So far this are the issues I found so far, 1.0 is being amazing so far, just a little weird around the edges as is expected on a launch.
  2. Oleker

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    Crafted two solid-fuel thrustsers... went to another planet. The first broke while going there as expected. I landed on a bad spot and went to orbit again to find another landing spot, the second thrustser didn't broke and I landed without a problem. Mined stuff on the new location and set-off back to base, only for the second thrustsers to break on orbit, ending my whole save due being stranded on the other planet. There is no feedback about the durability of the solid-fuel thrustser. Or at least for everyone sake, explain properly how the mechanics work instead of giving us vague role-play descriptions.
  3. Oleker

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    Solid Fuel Thrusters being single use is... dumb... literally. A one-way drive to another planet with absolutely no way to get back seems very counter intuitive, specially for exploration. Why not a 2-use so you can go to a planet, and come back to base?
  4. Oleker

    Unable to interact with things

    [UPDATE] Reinstalled the game and the bug still here...
  5. I had 2 medium hovers with resin and compound on it. A work light and a small generator on the front part of recharge/utility. Found a derelict solar panel and tried to connect it with my hover on the front part, where the light and generator we're connected. As soon as the wire connected, both light and generator disappeared and I lost my ability to interact with everything. Couldn't disconnect the wire, never enter on the seat. There was a torch close to the solar panel, I was able to dig it but not grab it. Ran back to base and there everything was fine. Ran back to the hovers and managed to push the vehicles all the distance to the base, but the interaction with them in the base was still very bugged. Restarted the game and tried again, no fix. Deleted the save and started a new game and had the same issue. First derelict ship was completely bugged as well. Again, restart didn't fixed it.
  6. Steam - Latest build (182) The Huge solar panels always had some issues with their physics, but this lats patch made them fly ways... That one in the screen shot started to fly as soon as I digged it up. Tried to winch it but it also bugged the winch. Restarting the game fixed the winch but the panel still hovering about.
  7. So I updated to experimental to test the new stuff out, and got myself frustrated with what I got... or rather what I didn't got. I've opened more than 20 research boxes and got absolutely no generator (not even the organic one), battery or STORAGE. Seriously, needing to find power deposits constantly or literally stopping everything until sun rise is not an enjoyable gameplay for me. Some boxes got me resources even on first open for that type. Got winch, drill (no crane), terrain tool mods but lacked the three essential to make the base function properly. It was frustrating. Hope this got some attention before those updates go live.
  8. Oleker

    "153+154" - April 21, 2017

    New vehicle handling is what I'm looking for the most. Really tired of having my truck flipping around for any small rock that bumps it, and believing it can fly every time I exit it to pick something up.
  9. That is news to me. Thanks for the info!
  10. Every new node that I create extends into a diferent height. What is the trick on that?
  11. PC - Steam I had a shuttle on my base with an habitat attached to it. Made some travels to other planets and got back to base with the same ship. Landed normally on the vehicle bay and closed the game. When I opened it back the habitat was deployed with the shuttle and vehicle bay below ground. I'm still able to launch the shuttle, which show only the 1-seat and the 2 free slots. I'm also able to land on the same spot and build another vehicle that immediatly gets stuck and swallowed by the terrian.
  12. Oleker

    Best items to run on shoulders?

    Normally I run with one solar panel and the other free to make aditional space. One panel is enough to keep you on sun light so using two is just wasting space. On caves/night the organic gen can keep you up, but is more situational. Personally I never used O² tanks...
  13. Oleker

    Do items despawn?

    Itens do despawn after some time if you leave them in the ground. That is 100% positive to me.
  14. What an effort to build that. At least now we know there is no "sky ceiling". Good Job!
  15. After playing for 15 hours, according to steam, I feel it's time to give some feedback about the game. Let's focus on the "goods" first. The game has a lot of potential to be an awesome game, hopefully the content from the first 2-days of early access gets multiplied. Liked the idea of having to use a deployable item (tethers) to move around most of the time, gladly they bring light to you as well. We are able to navigate without them if there is the right resources to mine. You can fill your inventory with O² blocks and run around for more than a day. Energy is easily generated by solar panels or organic generators. I only wish that could be a way to condense this energy into block form. Hazards can kill you fast if you are not carefull. They are easy to avoid/counter, but if you fail to see them or ignore them, you are dead in no time. It's good to keep the player's eye's open to this features. And the plants also give you research, which kinda gets useless after you unlock most of the buildings on the time of this feedback. Variety on planet biomes is an excelent point once more exclusive features of each biome is added. So far, space travel feels like "more of the same". Now to the issues... Vehicle controls are awkward. It's really difficult to maneuver around with the directional being relative to the camera angle and not with the car's position. It's not intuitive at all. Also with vehicles, they feel too light. Even the truck behave like is made of thin paper. The terrain has loads of rocks and gravel around that can potentially flip the car regardless if its empty or fully loaded. And they also show very little traction and friction, making them slide around when you exit them. Base building needs some tweaks. Also somewhat tied with camera angle is the disposition of the base, in all X, Y and Z axis. It's literally impossible to make a flat/symmetrical base. Another thing with base nodes, if you put 2 resins on a middle node forms the bigger platform and blocks the energy flow on that branch, which is really a concern. Tutorial needed. Almost nothing on the game has a description, making hard to understand or previously assume what each thing does. Met the game on youtube with one of my subscribed channels and I'm really looking forward to it. Sincerely, Oleker.