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  1. I don't need my lights on during the day. Seems this would eat energy and ultimately kill my FPS, a commodity during pre-alpha!
  2. The main menu looks great, but is surprisingly very difficult to use. It's difficult to see which menu item is highlighted, often leading to a mis-launch of a new player Difficult to disambiguate between saved player slots (no character model is shown inside the capsule) Navigation past left/right does not spin the craft. The game requires me to actually press a left/right button, seems very counter-intuitive. The white glyph is hard to see on light green Platform: Xbox One, 10.0.14393.2152
  3. Common bug reported here, but want to add that it appears to let the player "double" their backpack capacity as these items don't appear to use a slot. Quirky. Platform: Xbox One, 10.0.14393.2152
  4. I find myself spending a lot of time rotating and mashing buttons when using the backpack, either because it's not clear how to close it (naturally want to hit B) or it's in the way of some important 2D UI element. Something as fundamental as the backpack really needs to be easy to get in and out of. I don't think we're quite there yet! Platform: Xbox One, 10.0.14393.2152
  5. When I first built this research building, I sat waiting for something to happen. It wasn't until later I discovered the "start" button was almost completely hidden by the foliage on the planet. Platform: Xbox One, 10.0.14393.2152
  6. When your backpack is facing the sun, all the items get washed out. It's realistic, sure, but at the slight expense of usability of the backpack UI. Platform: Xbox One, 10.0.14393.2152
  7. I extended from my original point, walked away, and came back to this geometry created at the extension point, making interaction with that node difficult. Restart of the game resolved it. Platform: Xbox One, 10.0.14393.2152