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  1. Hello Community! I have a Problem, whenever i want to Play my old save game i am stuck in the loadingscreen and after 2sec the games chrashed an im back again in the steam manu... does any1 has the same Problems as i do? and is System Era Aware of that bug? greedings SDW
  2. SweeDieWee

    A way to find home

    That what I've mentioned with the maps in minecraft ^^
  3. SweeDieWee

    A way to find home

    I would rather have map were my habitat is permanently shown And like minecraft the maps fills when your are exploring
  4. SweeDieWee

    A way to find home

    Yeah but it's better with my ideas rather deforming the whole plante...
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    17. A way to find home on our home planet doesn't matter we're you are
  6. SweeDieWee

    A way to find home

    Uhu so ive Build a vehicle and I've lost my position of my station. After 3 hours of searching I gave up at started a new game... that's frustrating and I have 3 ideas 1. A map were your hours/station is permanently shown 2. A compass or Something similar that leads you to your hous 3. That icon upove my station that little house sign should be seen from any position of the map in my Opinion needed to have the ability to explore the planet without losing his station.