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  1. Tried multiple dynamites not attached to the starting habitat, did not destroy the habitat. Working as intended as a safe guard?
  2. Forgo

    FPS Issues

    Ther are various FPS fix threads that you can try out, no doubt some change to the settings will help. Try it on 720p too, I don't even have a GPU and I run fine on 720p
  3. Forgo

    Introducing a tutorial to the game

    game's theme is about discovery, i don't know if you really need a tutorial other than what's already been in, minimalistic pointers and suggestions.
  4. Forgo

    What's going on?

    Watch the YouTube video explaining bugs, then count how many times Adam died.
  5. Forgo

    WTF is all TITLE?

    And for god's sake, please don't visit the sites advertised, 99% it's virus/spyware filled to gather info off you.
  6. Forgo

    Will there be Servers/Online Multiplayer?

    i think that question is probably up for debate, as there will be greifers that may ruin people's games for the purpose of ruining people's games. playing with friends is always a safe bet, and there are plenty of players that are looking to play with others, which, for the current state, is working. Online public servers, with a report system, and perhaps player reputation system?
  7. Forgo

    Allow the game to use more RAM?

    I think later on, the game could use up more memory if the system has it, but for now, it's probably best to find a baseline of as low spec as it can go to allow the most users to have access the game.
  8. Forgo

    Allow the game to use more RAM?

    People shouldn't be discriminated based on their financial capabilities.
  9. Forgo

    Add official lights

    Maybe have the tether lighting intensified, I don't believe in drones, the game needs a delicate balance in terms of difficulty and easiness
  10. Forgo

    Allow the game to use more RAM?

    If the system demands more usage, how would it serve the people with less? Its a delicate balance that will need tuning and balance to figure out
  11. Forgo

    Next update time frame

    Devs made a post on twitter, it should arrive late this week. Give or take, because of Microsoft certification
  12. Forgo

    Money Grab??????

    A lot of These posts on Steam or YouTube comments or here, have the same theme, I already assume it's one or two bad apples that either failed their own Early Access or worst, just want to hate and spite things for the fun of it. You get those types of trolls for every successful game or product, we just have to fight back with positivity and not fall for their game.
  13. Forgo

    FIX for low FPS

    try to play at 720p as well instead of 1080p or higher. it will help
  14. Forgo

    Money Grab??????

    I have spent more hours on early access games than I have probably spent hours sleeping. But that's probably because I don't sleep much. I'm not here to help you start a flame war, its understandable, and it's human nature to want things right now, and right away. I'm just going to finish my point with, good things come to those who wait. PS. By no means am I a fanboy. I just know the virtue of waiting, some of my favourite EA games are still in EA after 5+ years,
  15. Forgo

    Money Grab??????

    Development takes time. And not only that, this game has received more updates per week than most of the Early Access games that have came before in the Greenlight program. Locating an office, paperwork for a company that involves this large amount of sales, Adam is moving across the continent into a different country, the team is recruiting, screening, and hiring new members. And still pushing updates? Please give them room to breathe! Calling money grab? I am at a loss for words. If you aren't experienced with Early Access games, and don't want to wait, I believe the option to refund is there, and keep up with the game and purchase it later when you are comfortable with the state of the game.