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  1. These mobile vehicle stuff are amazing ideas!! hope these will be added before the game releases.
  2. i thought while we craft we make parts and then put together in assembler, like, we could make a shell for the battery out of compound, and the "inner" part would be lithium. And then the assembler will built a battery out of that. good idea?
  3. yea i agree, it should be expensive so if you will get lucky and find it on first try P.S thanks for this idea, i hope Astroneer lives long, PHEASE
  4. I thought to we can build an "Wireless Transmitter" and we can choose can it transmit Energy or Oxygen to a "Wireless receiver" and the two bases can exchange the power. Good Idea?
  5. i got this idea to we could build more bigger "platforms" so we can build a "space station launcher" and it will launch some parts to space and when it's finished we can go with a shuttleto the station, and there we can insert items and build a the starship, and dock you'r shuttle/spaceship.and with the starship we can go to the other solar system(s),good idea?