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  1. Illmad

    Medium Generator Auto-feeder Upgrade

    I've had something similar in mind actually, so I fully support this!
  2. Illmad


    I'm definitely not opposed to it. I really want to see bigger base modules be added to the game. I'm personally hoping for larger house modules with interior and such. Maybe also some sort of crane module that we could use to assemble larger constructions manually.
  3. Illmad


    Maybe the wrecks could be blown up with dynamite, and then drop as 'wreckage' (normal resource-sized items) which could be transported back to base and processed in the smelter. Wreckage items can be processed into every resource in the game, but it is randomized, and the more valuable the resource, the less likely you are to get them from the wreckage processing. Or another possibility; they drop as research-pod-sized 'wreckage' items that needs their own base module for processing into useful items. I'm honestly more for the method of pulling the wrecks with the winch, but honestly I'd rather look for the resources I need underground or on the surface than go on a winch expedition. Either that or use the trade beacon. In order to make wreckage scavenging more appealing in the late game, the trade post needs to be nerfed. Maybe the items you trade should have their values adjusted to that particular item's rarity on whichever planet you're on at the time. I have a very easy time on Barren where Coal is abundant underground, and I can trade 4 compound or resin for just one of them. Base building on Barren is a joke as long as you have access to the trade beacon. It's kind of a shame, as there are plentyful wrecks across the surface, as well as a very rover-friendly terrain. It needs rebalancing.
  4. Illmad

    Wind turbine during storm

    Apparently the storm effects are just cosmetic. They only slow you down, reduce your vision, and throw debris around. They're not connected to the weather system, which is also why solar panels produce power during daytime storms despite the storm blotting out the sun. I think this is something they're going to fix in the future to make the storms more realsitic.
  5. Will it ever be addressed how and why there are so many, and so intact wrecks of orbital satelites scattered on the surface and especially throughout the underground? It's always bothered me. There are no creatures capable of carrying them or pulling them. Did the plants move them there, or did random storms blow them into the cave systems and bury them half a kilometer under the surface? I feel this needs explaining at some point. In my opinion it would make more sense to have the underground wrecks be not satelites or telescopes, but rather broken digging probes designed to chart the planet and its composition prior to the arrival of the astroneers, but this is trailing too close to the borders to the suggestion forum.
  6. Illmad


    As far as I've understood, the massive rover was just a concept in the testing phase. Nothing about it, or anything similar being added is certain as of right now. Still, considering modding support is a priority, I think it's safe to say we'll eventually see something like that in the game one way or another.
  7. Illmad


    I both agree and disagree. It's a good idea, but I think it would be too easy and too tedious to just mount it on a rover and process it on site. I think it should rather be a base module the size of a small hangar, and you had to pull the wrecks within its area, and it would gradually process the wreck into resources, and you could go do other stuff in the mean time.
  8. I've never actually used the filters myself, but I agree with your concern that it might make it too difficult in the beginning. How about having the photosynthesis module also serve as a very weak solar panel? It's possible to harness biological or living matter to create electricity. And to be honest I think it's very strange that the habitat module doesn't come prefit with a way to store power. Maybe the habitat should be capable of storing some power, say 50% of a medium battery, so that in the beginning you would have access to the basic means of survival. So, now we've eliminated power as a vital requirement for the base module version. Basically the only thing you would need to do manually was to remove excess organic matter produced by the module every once in a while, and supply the machine with new organic matter whenever it runs out. The module makes its own oxygen. Fermenting organic matter produces methane, and methane combined with oxygen becomes water, rinse and repeat. Realistically I don't know if a device like this could be self-sufficient. Maybe we would need to dig out ice or gather water to chemically turn it into oxygen? Oxygen as a resource is fairly common, but I don't want to make survival depend on a finite resource. Technically I only want the oxygen production module to require the occasional maintenance, Say if a solar storm knocks out electrical equipment, and you need to prioritice which modules to repair first in order to survive.
  9. I know there are splits in the opinions of people wether there should be more survival-like elements in the game, but hear me out. What if you begin the game with the tech for a photosynthesis module already unlocked. Building it would grant infinite oxygen to one player for one hour. To refill it, need to supply it with oxygen and power (assuming power could double as hydrogen, or hydrogen to be added as resource in the future somehow) to create water for the plants to thrive in. If more players hook up to the same base network, the photosynthesis module will get drained quicker, so having a number of modules equal to the number of players is recommended. The photosynthesis modules would occasionally produce a piece of organic resource as excess growth, which can also be used by the module instead of power. (I've read that it's possible to process organic matter into hydrogen) The module comes with a light that allows it to produce oxygen at night as well, but drains a little power in the process. A smaller, mobile photosynthesis module can be applied to your rover. Rovers would not supply oxygen unless fitted with one of these. Like the base module, the mobile version also comes with a light that allows it to be of use underground as well. Although it does consume power. A medium battery would last about half an hour. A photosynthesis widget can be applied to your suit and make your oxygen last for a lot longer as long as you're in sunlight. Equipping two would allow you almost infinite oxygen on the surface during daytime, but be wary of the time-of-day if you don't have any oxygen tanks. If the sun goes down when you're out of reach of your base, then you're as good as dead.
  10. Illmad

    Military Ideas

    I actually made a planet suggestion topic a couple weeks ago. One of the planets I suggested was a 'moon' concept consisting of two relatively large asteroids in orbit around another. In theory you should be able to jump between them if you stand on one, right below the other. Regrettably I don't think it can be done due to the fact that this would imply a planetary instance of two gravitational pulls, combined with the gravitational dead space right in the middle of the two asteroids. I don't think the devs ever 'get back' to people. I can't speak for all devs, but I think there has to be some kind of shadow of a doubt. In case they chose to use a person's idea, to ensure that this person doesn't change his or her mind for whatever reason, and either don't want their idea in the game, or try to get their name in the credits. I'm not entirely sure why someone would cause a fuss over it though. Either way I suggest if you want the devs to read your thoughts, put it down in a post in a very clever way, which you've kind of already done (did you create those mockups yourself by the way? They're gorgeous!) I suggest you either make a followup post in this topic, or make a new topic altogether, but only if the information and ideas you include in it are different enough from what you've already added to this.
  11. Illmad

    Military Ideas

    Easily one of my favorite posts I've seen here to date! Your exploding planet reminds me of the comet in the movie 'Deep Impact' where it would spew gas from cracks in the surface when exposed to sunlight. Suddenly I wish we had a big meteor in the solar system with half the gravity of Barren, that would have a skewed orbit, bringing it all the way from the inner solar system where gas would erupt from the surface and fling nearby astroneers far into the nonexistant air, to the outer borders where it'd stay out of reach from the other planets for a couple real-life hours. Maybe solar power would also be reduced during this time? I don't agree with having a planet that would eventually fall into the sun though. Would pretty much nullify all progress and buildings made there (I'm making the assumption that building will eventually become a larger part of the game. I think I've read somewhere that the objective of the game is to colonize the solar system, or rather to create bases and housing for future colonists to inhabit, but I don't remember where I heard this) unless its purpose is story progression, in which case I wonder what happens if the planet is disintergrated before we complete its objectives?
  12. Illmad

    Vehicle Ideas I guess

    That is actually a pretty damn good idea! Sort of a vehicle that sacrifices speed for better mobility. Never actually brought a vehicle with me underground before, but with this it would actually be practical. Maybe there could also be a large variant for exploring very tricky surfaces like Arid and Tundra? Although I suppose it would be rather tricky to link these things together in trains.
  13. Illmad

    Cookie Cutter Augment

    Take one screenshot, make wall, take a screenshot from the same posision. Upload both images to the same photoshop (or other image editing software) file, with the image of the wall overlaying the other. mark the shapes with the select tool with the top layer (wall screenshot) selected and hit delete. The interior of the holes have gradients, which none of the other surfaces have (save for the surfaces touched by the flashlight) so it's obviously not part of the game graphics. The second screenshot I assume is just the original screenshot with a layer with a red/orange drawn house and arrow that has been set to 'color mode' Very cleverly made mockups I must say. I support this idea.
  14. I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
  15. Is it gluten-free? (heh, thanks though!) Anyway, Usually when my mind enters thinky-think mode, I get a clusterfu...bunch of ideas. I might post a compilation of ideas revolving mainly around a certain aspect of the game, and include some ideas that are marked as red. Maybe just because they feel essential in the context of the other ideas, and because I think that maybe, just maybe my version of the idea has a unique twist that makes it worth to read. Would that be okay, or should I generally remove all ideas within the red-zone even though the main focus is on other less explored ideas?