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  1. i bring your attention to the paragraph on water, this is an amazing idea with this, you can add an item/backpack-mounted-device (BMD?) which drains water, filling a bar on the item, once it is full, the device becomes a usable water tank, maybe used to put out fires (another cool idea, forest fires)
  2. oxygen generator this device would gather oxygen from plants my thought is that it would use up 4 organic to fill an oxygen tank that has been placed in an item slot THIS MAKES SENSE SO ADD IT IN above is a very badly drawn picture (drawn on windows paint)
  3. there should be a device to collect small amount of oxygen from organic, using up 2 or 3 organic to fill a oxygen tank (you would have to make a tank in the backpack and place it on the device) then it would be a full tank for lifeline BOOM, LOGIC!
  4. BEST IDEA EVER!!! (i mean the rope/grapple)
  5. system era should add a hydrazine generator which makes a lot of power from one hydrazine
  6. i think we should add parachutes(for no fall dmg) also armor (no spike-plant dmg) and longer lasting filters (no fart dmg)
  7. Don't you hate it when you fall to yo death? or when you get shanked by plants? or when that stupid fart-gas somehow penetrates your helmet? well i think we can fix that, please comment if you come up with other ideas