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  1. I gave it some more thought and I think I came up with some good ideas this time. Survival Different 'intensity' modes 'Free' or creative mode 'Sim' or a lite survival mode like now 'Realist' or a heavy duty survival mode with maintenance and other additional challenges Additional planet variety Perhaps there should be more severe or varied challenges on other planets to encourage use of other technologies. Wind Farms excel on Arid planets Solar Farms excel on Terran or Tundra planets Generators excel on Exotic planets (this implying that Exotic planets have lots to burn) Water I would love to see water in the game as a resource, as it would influence player behavior by being an oasis in a galactic desert. Trade Platform restriction Trade Platforms feel like a break in the game, almost like a Dev Tool to help ensure everything works. Maybe the Trade Platform could instead be turned into a Launch Pad, and you could send Trade Shuttles into orbit for additional storage or other reasons. Other Needs Probably something to be used in the 'Realist' mode, but the need to feed and water your astronaut would be a nice addition to the game, and provide a good sink for all that organic matter I never use. That might even lead to other things like better kinds of fuel, right? Construction Painting tool Probably more for customization than anything, but a paint tool would be cool Equipment for travel to other systems Maybe the end-goal of the game, maybe just a way to add more RNG to the mix Large Basic Nodes Just something to reduce the number of nodes made in a game, being able to expand a node and then, rather than build a module, convert it into a basic unit for storage or utilities would be really nice. All I've got.
  2. Thanks. I had some other thoughts, like multiple mat requirements for various structures. Yeah, the Mods thing was one of those 'this would be cool later on' things. And the game would benefit from it by allowing people to have customized content. I thought the Holographic molds thing would make certain things like ramps easier to build and control. I have had some minor frustration when working it. And molds would let you visualize what you want to do before you do it. Hmm...maybe the ability to plan a base more? Like hologram extensions when placing various module platforms? I didn't realize I was redressing other people's thoughts on the game so much. I still think a Rappel would be insanely useful since it would offer a low-tier alternative to the signals you get, and the Radar would let you pick them up while near the planet. Yeah a survival mode would be cool for adding thematic mechanics like limited O2 or other advanced problems when exploring. I also thought it would be fun to be able to eventually create breathable environments in-game. If you could seal a space around certain objects you could create protected operations in various areas until you could either set up properly or just gather what you needed. Balance most definitely would be needed. Actually, thinking about it being able to remove certain nodes would help. I ended up accidentally creating a second Research station and I can't remove it. Maybe the devs could take some ideas from Factorio for later on, having to produce higher level resources in order to build more complex and more powerful gear later. Like needing a mini Solar Panel and Aluminum to craft a small Radar.
  3. I'll just get right to the point. This is a list of ideas for improving the game, why I think they should be implemented, and ways they could be implemented into the game Survival Limited Oxygen Production I understand that this is a common thought, but in my eyes even long term space travel would have some difficulty producing O2 out on other planets without some source to draw power or resources from, even in a high-level space age civilization. Therefore it might be more interesting to implement limits on oxygen production from the player's facilities, making things like O2 sources and the like even more valuable. Some examples: Oxygen won't recharge without power. Your levels will be maintained (or perhaps drain very slowly) but they won't increase until power is restored. This will encourage players to keep up some form of power and/or oxygen supply around at all times, as well as be more careful with air supply Filters protecting your O2 supply from dangerous gases and/or contamination. Kind of speaks for itself but the added threat of contaminated air would make filters much more important instead of something that seems a bit throwaway. Developing an O2 harvester. A consistent source of oxygen would be important on far away planets, and the larger the build the more important it would be to keep the whole thing full of oxygen. Thermal Conditions/Other Environmental Dangers Something that may be a bit extreme or unnecessary but the idea of adding in thermal conditions for high and/or low elevations would be interesting and force players to plan more carefully before collecting from those areas. That bit of titanium will seem a lot more foreboding atop a frigid cliff or on an island in the middle of a nearly volcanic cave. Other weather conditions affecting your site(s) would be interesting as well. Thunderstorms on Terran or Exotic planets shorting out power generators and such. Blizzards on Tundra planets creating sudden massive drops in temperature. Tornadoes on Arid planets that will pick up any resources not inside a building of some sort. Maintenance Probably either aesthetic or for difficulty, but the (possibly optional) requirement to use resources to keep equipment in tip-top shape seems like a bit of a no-brainer, as things like sandstorms would deal SOME kind of damage to your base while passing through. This also provides an excellent resource sink once you have things like the Fuel Generator and Trade Platform. Wear over time would be interesting and add a sort of life-expectancy to most anything the player uses. With the exception of the Habitat and/or Tethers probably. Damage from environmental and/or other sources would also add interesting challenge to the game, and force the player to adapt. Certain fragile pieces, like Solar Panels, Wind Vanes, and so on should at least need replacing from time to time after use. The need to upkeep a base would provide a minor personal attachment to bases on different planets. Research Difficulty/Choice/Evolution Again probably something redundant but it might provide more challenge, making certain research take more attempts or a more powerful research station to achieve. And attaching paths to different kinds of artifacts would encourage players to seek them all out. Certain things like the Habitat or the Winch might take more than one kind of artifact to suss out of the machine. A bigger research platform might allow for more powerful or larger research projects. Rappels Honestly this is slightly surprising it hasn't already been included. A rappel would make exploring cliffs or other structures more feasible. A rappel could be used like a Tether, but without giving you any O2. Rappels could be attached to the mouths of caves to make them easier to navigate, or to build bases on top of high cliffs. It would make it possible to modify crafts in space Construction Module Upgrades Being able to build bigger Printers, Solar Panels, Trade Platforms, and so on would be invaluable, especially if that allowed access to new features you couldn't get before. Upgraded Habitats could house additional players, gain slots, or even become full indoor buildings. Upgraded Research could take unwanted materials and convert them into something else, like an Artifact (at a very slow rate mind you), or allow higher level Research like other upgraded structures Upgraded Printers could build new attachments like Radars, Building Components, larger Batteries, O2 harvesters, and so on. Upgraded Smelters could smelt more at once, or synthesize low-level materials like Compound from unwanted items. Upgraded Vehicle Bays could build bigger ships and attachments. Upgraded Fuel Condensers could generate multiple tanks of fuel at once Upgraded Trade Platforms could allow you to send resources to other bases that have Radar. Internal Structures Probably not going to happen, but internal structures like full rooms and such would be a neat and welcome addition to the game, providing a nice end-game sink and offering something to give the player a way to really make a home out on those distant planets. Housing could allow players to pass time and do something end-game. Greenhouses could allow players to grow sources of Resin, O2, Organic, and so on. Landing Pads could provide a proper home for Shuttles and larger spacecraft. Labs could be evolved from Research modules for synthesizing new materials from old ones, or managing robotics of some kind. Foundries could be built from Smelters for creating compound materials like Steel Reactors could be used for the end-game heavy power and/or O2 consumption of internal structures. Radar/Beacon changes A radar would be an interesting way to allow players to pick up on the beacons of other players, and give access to Beacon signal changes Beacons could be altered to give different signals, letting you mark different points of interest (like a source of Compound or an unexplored cave and so on) Radar could allow you to modify the signal of your base Radar could also allow you to communicate and command robotics Holographic Molds A form of mold for your Deform Tool would be really helpful when building things like ramps or other specific structures It could help control how much and what you fill in or take out You could look at certain builds before you fill them in Complex formations would be much easier Spacecraft Something that would be very welcome and a rather nice heavy sink for resources is being able to build/launch objects in(to) space like Stations or other large craft. Bigger stations mean more resources but could be put into orbit around planets and let you do something in an empty environment. It could even provide a neat way to create a goal the player can pursue as well as a reason to collect O2 or build O2 generators. Best part? It would offer them a genuine challenge as the entire thing would require them to use copious amounts of fuel, planning, patience, and investment to obtain a livable area orbiting the planet. - Oh, and as a side note, mod support. Because this game would really benefit from mod support. A lot.