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  1. Cley Faye

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    For what it's worth, with the latest patch I can host a multiplayer game and "only" drop from 60fps to ~25-30 when someone join. Before the patch I instantly got to 6fps. There *is* some improvement here, although I'd like to know exactly what changed.
  2. You only have one input and one output connected to the splitter. Connect another output and the slider should appear.
  3. Cley Faye

    Please add Windows 10 N support

    Nice to know you found a way to get it working
  4. Cley Faye

    Please add Windows 10 N support

    Sorry, but you'll have to look deeper into it on your end... I actually have Windows 10 N, and Astroneer works fine. Astroneer isn't the only game that depend on these components sadly. I remember I had to search thoroughly to install the media features for other games before Astroneer, and I had to redo it after the windows "anniversary update". Sure, it'd be nicer if games didn't depend on this, but I believe there's bigger issues that can only be fixed by the game dev.
  5. Cley Faye

    Please add Windows 10 N support

    Have you tried this one: ? Yes, there are two pages for "media features" on the microsoft website, and the one that shows up first is an incomplete version. Would still be nice if a game didn't depend on the most borked media player there is to work though.
  6. Cley Faye

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I'm not sure that it's a bug; you can also do that with the shuttle.
  7. Cley Faye

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Probably not. Things built using the vehicle bay are permanently attached to their base; 1-seat found or built at the printer aren't.
  8. Hi, I'm stuck in a non-deployed habitat. Made it in the printer, dropped it on the floor, entered it, and closed the game. When loading the save, I can't get out. Playing on Steam with KB/Mouse. There is no prompt to press Tab to exit (they key used to get in/out of them). I can still move the camera, click the environment, pick up items and move them around. Any way to get out of this? (also had the broken power grid bug, but that's a story for another time/thread). (the bug in "action": ) AUTOSAVE_6_2017.01.07-05.00.15.sav
  9. I experience the same issue with a vehicle builder too, but I remember seeing it with other things as well. Something I noticed which might be related is that the pad before the "unpowered" can't be used to connect a rover/truck to it. The link simply never shows up. Maybe it's the pad that get in an invalid state. I'd post a screenshot of this, but I just ran into another bug that prevented it