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  1. I sent an email reporting a bug and haven't gotten any response?
  2. Yesterday, I was playing for a few hours with no issue, but today when I tried to load up my save file, it would flicker and then crash without warning. Any ideas?
  3. Catch

    Some bugs I found

    Well first off, I had one of my rovers just completely vanish during a sand storm, I tried finding the beacon for it and it was miles away and high up in the sky as if it was on another planet, but I haven't made any rovers on other planets besides the main one. Second, items seem to "phase" into buildings such as the vehicle bay, I had two aluminum that I accidentally dropped and both fell inside the vehicle bay and I was unable to get either of them. And, my rover's seem to be pushed into the ground when I get in. Finally, the trade platform took off with my items and I was suppose to get stuff in return, but I left the game (and saved) while it was in the air, and it was landed when I got back on, but my old items were on it and I couldn't take them off, so now they are stuck on it. Hopefully this helps get them fixed