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  1. derpsters44

    Space truck

    it happens
  2. derpsters44

    Augments Suggestion Thread

    Lith i thought this said Argument suggestion thread and i came in here ready for a fight but i guess augments are cool too
  3. derpsters44

    Hey Developers...Want some Candy?

    what about custom suit color? I'm sure you've thought of it but a maybe would be nice.
  4. derpsters44

    Extension cord

    actually this was already in the game, a VERY early version that had a very long cable so yes, it probably will be added back to the game.
  5. mm if you browse the suggested forums long enough you'll see that somebody is trying suggest a implement of some sort of weapon other than the terrain tools ability to uproot things.
  6. derpsters44

    Non-host player problems

    ah well i tried to help, but i think a swarm of mini-compound is pretty funny. i think it might be a while before multiplayer works properly, seeing as this is a pre-alpha se we get to behold these absolutely wonderful glitches for a while longer.
  7. This is a pretty good post, and im glad the Wyvy saw it (at least to edit it) because these things are all extremely important in the development in a game. Especially that first point, and with the research. Then the resource pool should be a little more rare to a fix might be that resource spawn rates stay the same and you get less resource from each, this would balance it because you can still find it easy but you're not getting a wealth of it.
  8. I think maybe this should be a bit larger in font yeah? some people dont seem to get it
  9. derpsters44

    Can't form terrain on Xbox one.

    check your controls, might be the wrong button, reinstalling usually is the fix all so you just need to check that. - could also be your controller's button.
  10. Lots of terrain bugs like this happen all the time, as for now there really isnt a way to fix it, ive found that mining the area around it updates the area and might fix it. or relogging without saving your game first.
  11. derpsters44

    Non-host player problems

    its a visual glitch, relogging should fix it
  12. derpsters44

    Slow FPS on Xbox1

    First as a general note, you should read some other post or search to see if this has been posted before. also make sure to let us know your setup/ astoneer version because if you're not in the most recent update that is your issue but then there are some workaround for a bit of a lag problem, we have use less tethers and habitats because they just slow performance for some reason. cant do much in the exploring department because thats a rendering issue.
  13. derpsters44


    i think a gps would be a good idea and all. and its not fun getting lost, but don't spam post the same post because @Wyvyrias has to remove it
  14. derpsters44

    Gone with the wind

    the hole you had probably wasnt deep enough or the new loading system made them fall through the planet