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  1. Watau

    Pax Palletes

    I am very glad that you will have possibility to obtain Pal palettes by buying items from official store! yay! any info when online store will be available/on, plz?
  2. Watau

    Pax Palletes

    Ok, so there is new year, new pax etc... please to consider making a way/possibility ingame (like a hell of a grind or 2xhell) for us who cant get physically To Pax shows to get these skins. talking about Astro Recruit Palette, PAL Palette and Orbital Blue Visor, PAL Visor. or maybe a buyable codes Personally searched for an "agent" for obtaining me those codes in shows with no luck. Found few scammers who could do that for +- 50$... feels bad.
  3. Watau

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    i would like to buy one as well
  4. Watau

    Base Like a Pro

    25rasin layout. still feels good. 3x8 fuel in day if no wind
  5. Watau

    Crashed POD

    you can drag them home with winch, and they serve like stand alone x3 storage pods
  6. Watau

    How are you guys building your base?

    Cheap base layout. 25rasins only. nets 3x8 fuel in sunny day if no wind.
  7. this idea is marvelous!
  8. yes, found it very annoying also. vote for a "camera side exit"
  9. Watau

    First person and small content ideas

    because its plenty of games in first mode. why all games must be similar? and this low poly style fits perfect with 3rd person mode. imho
  10. Watau

    Three ideas for researchable items

    bump for storage platform!
  11. Watau

    First person and small content ideas

    plz, dont put first person mode. ty