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  1. ChooMcoo


    I personally have a GTX 1080, 10 gigs of ram, and an I7-4790k processor and i still get 15-30 FPS.
  2. The game is in Pre-Alpha, meaning its not optimized very well (hence the low framerate), and is very buggy, which sometimes can cause the game to crash. I've only crashed liek 2 or 3 times in my 32 hours of playing the game, so I don't understand why you'd be crashing so much I'm going to guess you are on PC since you are talking about the settings. I have a GTX 1080, 10 Gigs of ram, and an I7-4790k processor, and I even get low framerates. I usually get around 15-30, and even though I don't like it I deal with it cuz I enjoy the game. Pre-Alpha games aren't for everyone and updates and fixes take a lot of work, so if you're you're not willing to wait around for the updates then I would've suggested you get a refund, but you can't get refunds on games than you've played for more than an hour. (I checked your steam profile)
  3. ChooMcoo

    Visual bugs

    Something thats always good to know is wether you are playing on PC or Xbox
  4. Thats because the game didnt save. The only way to save your game is to get in a habitat (the thing you landed in), or get into a seat. Like a car seat.
  5. ChooMcoo

    Different area upon loading game

    First you need to tell us if you're on steam or xbox
  6. ChooMcoo


    If you're going to make a bug report, could you at least read this first? So, are you playing on Xbox or PC? If on PC are you using a mouse and keyboard, or a controller? If using mouse and keyboard have you tried holding right click and looking around like the game told you to when you were first descending to the planet? If using controller, have you tried moving the right analog stick? (I know that last ones a stupid question, but still) If you're on Xbox then I can't help you.
  7. ChooMcoo

    Mismatched ground

    I've got a bit more to add that i just got today.
  8. ChooMcoo

    Mismatched ground

    This is on Steam Just at random points while playing I'll come across something like this. I actually see it quite a bit and nearly fell into one of these at some point.
  9. ChooMcoo

    Nvidia Shadowplay

    Almost all games I've played have had Nvidia Shadowplay Where you have an Ingame FPS counter and the ability with a click of a couple buttons record the last said amount of minutes or start recording a brand new one from where you are. I think this would be important because if i come across a bug and I wasnt properly recording I can press a button and it will record say the last 30 seconds, kinda like the thing with the XBox. With this feature I'd have an easier time getting bugs for you guys
  10. I am playing on steam So as you can see in the video I just started playing and out of nowhere I fall through the world. thankfully I have Nvida Shadowplay so i could record the last 5 minutes and save it. I then started a new recording which looks like garbage because it sometimes decides to record in 234X264 for god only knows why. I then removed the footage from the first video showing my desktop because this game doesnt have proper Nvidia Shadowplay support and I have to record my whole desktop (Plz fix this too, I'll make a post in ideas about it), I then merged to 2 clips, cut the audio cuz it picked up the sound from the YouTube video I was watching on my other monitor and this is the result. ASTRONEER_Glitch.mp4
  11. ChooMcoo

    wtf - I fell through the ground

    I have a felling you didnt read this, Probably should check that out and revise your post.
  12. A little update, it happened again recently but i was scooping up oxygen in the ground instead.
  13. ChooMcoo

    Better driving

    *Keep in mind I'm talking from a PC player perspective" I found that driving was kinda awkward. Its not like your typical driving controls. For example, if you turn your camera around to see whats behind you when you back up, most players would typically press the "S" key to back up, but that makes you go forward. Or if you're going forward and you wanna look behind you real quick you'll start going backwards because you're still holding "W" which is aggravating. If you dont know what I mean just play any usual driving game like need for speed or GTA and you'll see what I mean. So i was wondering if you could change this. And for those that like these awkward controls, maybe there could be a setting in options to swap between these driving controls.
  14. I was playing ASTRONNER on steam and was running out of oxygen. I started running for my car to fill back up, I was about to make it and I jumped but the death animation started mid jump but my body kept going and my suit refilled with oxygen but I still died which doesn't make sense since i got there while i was in the process of dieing, so since my suit got refilled I shouldve stopped dieing.