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  1. you're like the WALL-E of ASTRONEERS
  2. I was playing with some people earlier and it worked perfectly fine for me as well
  3. As long as a subscriber option isn't mandatory for dedicated servers, donations will flow in from the deeper pocketed fans for sure.
  4. oh that's sweet! in that case i'm looking for 3 people to add and start a world with right now
  5. try and make yourself a highway above the terrain! that way if you ever have a bumpy road again you'll, at that point, have the know how to sculpt the terrain just right to make a smooooth road
  6. None of my IRL friends have bought this as of yet, I want to try out the multiplayer though so I'm turning to the forums. I can't seem to find a multiplayer button so I'm assuming it's through steam, I don't know.
  7. This isn't a bad idea. You work on penmanship, geography and mapmaking while playing a video game. It's a brain game if you set your guidelines properly.
  8. Had to go back to Terran and regroup. That exotic planet was too wild for me, so many gaseous plants. So here I am with my convenience train, roaming the lands & spreading Habitats. It's made up of three components if you can tell; right to left; the crane truck with a wind turbine to pull it all and with nearly infinite power. the first component is complete by the Storage Truck. The second component is started off with another truck, without any power generation. It's meant for hauling unknowns. The car after the third truck is because otherwise my FPS goes down to 15, a 5th t
  9. Probably just to make it look like there's more material at the seams to account for any random losses or gains in pressure. Immersion tactics
  10. I ended up flying to another spot on the planet and found research heaven!
  11. That looks sweet man! It looks so smooth. Can't wait to see what types of animations you've got in store.
  12. Just thought I'd share my base so far. I'm just about to jump off into space for the first time. This is my 3rd character. I was learning the game on the first two, reading guides & tricks. But now I'm ready to conquer the solar system! I'll share my experience with the forum because why not share how I've been playing the pre-alpha game we call ASTRONEERS! I've really been enjoying the calm of the game. Apart from the great deadly storms ravaging the worlds, gas spewing plants, falling from heights & dying from asphyxiation, this game is plenty calm. Driving vehicle con