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  1. Totally with you on that. I would even exponentally reduce the research points and research speed of every researchable element the more instancs of it you have already researched. For example (Green Hostile Organic Research Item): Now: Item #1: 1280 Bytes 00:05:30 Item #2: 1280 Bytes 00:05:30 Item #3: 1280 Bytes 00:05:30 ... Exponentally reduced: Item #1: 640 Bytes 00:05:30 Item #2: 320 Bytes 00:11:00 Item #3: 160 Bytes 00:22:00 Item #4: 80 Bytes 00:44:00 Item #5: 40 Bytes 1:28:00 ... This would still give you a total of 1280 Bytes, but for ALL of the green Hostile Organic Research Items together and only after a very long time. This would thereby massively encourage exploration (especially to other planets in case the research items are accordingly distributed). Also this would be slightly more realistic regarding how research works in the real world. Of course this method would require real time updates for the research points and research speed in case more than one instance of the same item is researched at once, which would be a little tricky I suppose.
  2. This a duplicate of the bug Research module allows accidental research cancelling
  3. I am using my rover and truck each with a 1-seat at the front node, because I want as most storage capacity (aka. medium storages) on the top of the vehicle as possible. It works almost perfectly fine, just the alignment of the 1-seat itself is wrong when put at the front node of a vehicle.
  4. When starting a research process using the new research modules, the corresponding UI allows the player to screw this up and instead destroy the research item placed on the research module. This can happen by double clicking bright green button on the research module UI panel shown below. I am pretty sure this is caused by the green "start research" button becoming the green "cancel research" button immeditely after the first click. So when the second click occurs the resarch is cancelled without further warning. The red button cover can not do its job in this case, because it does not move over the green button fast enough to block the second click from triggering the green button again.
  5. Judging by the comment referenced right above, the truck-mounted vehicle printer animated GIF from the second comment of this thread seems to be just a tease for the time being.
  6. I appreciate your discretion, but without proper version information all my attempts to figure out this feature myself might be pointless depending on which version I am actually using to do it. Since you don't know the version of the game, maybe you can at least tell me the distribution path of the game installation you were using for that footage. (somthing like "Steam" or "Steam Beta Program 'experimental'") Then I could just use the latest game version of this distribution channel, assuming this feature has not been removed from the game since then.
  7. Very nice GIF - is it from the actual Game? If yes, from which branch and/or version? And please don't tell me how it is done - I want to figure it out myself. Also, is there a "Feature-List" based on what is already in the game? Like the road map, just into the past instead of the future?
  8. It should be possible to move each of the base module main attachments (reseach, smelter, printer, ...) between sufficiently big attachment points of size 4, like other base modules (1x4) rover (1x4) truck (2x4) shuttle (1x4) spaceship (2x4) thereby making it possible to create a simple mobile base. This could be properly implemented with minimum effort by adding a "Grappling hook" to the game which is supposed to be attached to the crane, use the existing crane functionality and the existing element attaching methods to move the base module main attachments (and maybe other stuff) around with a little bit more control (but less range) than the winch. The only real problem with this idea would be moving a vehicle bay (and to a lesser extent the trading platform) onto a vehicle, but this could simply be solved by not allowing this kind of relocations.