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  1. kidlel95

    Wana join me on steam?

    Join me in astroneer please, I found a thruster, wana help me do testing?
  2. kidlel95

    Wana join me on steam?

    People who want to join me on steam, my Steam username is QuasarFlux, so we can play astroneer together!
  3. kidlel95


    What about a Spaceship Powered by Astronium :>
  4. kidlel95


    um, isn't astronium the like... radioactive looking resource in this game? I bet it's meant to be used for some kind of reactor. I mean, it's mainly at the center of planets. Wouldn't you expect that because it's so hard to get, it would be used for something that requires an expensive resource? Guys think a little bit and play the game some more before you start giving ideas.. same goes for me. if astronium has a future purpose that you know for sure, please inform me. wait, was Astronium a mistake? are they gonna remove?
  5. kidlel95

    I found a golden satellite

    I tried but I suffocated before I could google search how to take a screenshot. you will know what to look for in the caves, Search "satellite that took pictures of pluto" Im telling you that the image of the satellite in google search is a perfect match to what I found. Not to be mistaken with the common telescope. This satellite is golden.
  6. kidlel95

    I found a golden satellite

    Google search "satellite that took pictures of pluto" Its a perfect match to what I found in the caves. Has anyone else found this??? It looks exactly like the one that took pictures of pluto
  7. Not much else to it. I found a small golden satellite that looks like the one that went to take pictures of pluto, and It had a research pod on it. nothing else sadly. also my thruster despawned off of my truck. weird.
  8. This was from the small crashed shuttle, not the large crashed spaceship - this crashed shuttle has 4 legs and a booster similar to the thruster you can find at crash sites and in caves.
  9. This specific item/spaceship part I can actually pick up and move around, and place into sing item spaces. I found other ones from the same crash site, and I can do the same with those too. It is only one type of part btw. Someone please explain what this is for. Description: A slightly curved, flat metal bar with a little circular thing on the end that has 3 small dots. Placeable in backpack.
  10. okay I found Indiecrypt and sent a friend request I searched up indecrypt the first time, not indiecrypt lol acceptme plz
  11. I cant find you either.. wtf