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    2015 C++ Runtime Bug + Solutions

    Hi, guys! Same problem here but finally solved My computer: Windows 8.1 x64 The problem: Astroneer installs properly, but Visual-C++2015 doesn't. After each install, the game still requiring this component and it is impossible to start the game. My solution: Install (only install!) the wonderful CCleaner from here: . Don't worry, it's free and safe, like good sex Go to Control panel -> Add or remove programs and uninstall ALL the Visual-C++ versions. Open CCleaner and click at "Analyze", then "Run Cleaner". This action will make a "clean uninstall", it's very important. Reboot your PC Go to Control panel -> Windows Update -> Configuration and check "important updates" and "recommended updates", then click at "Check for updates". This may take a while, so be patient. Reboot your PC when Windows demands, and... again... be... patient We're almost done! Uninstall Astroneer and repeat steps 3 and 4. Install again Astroneer and.... well, enjoy it! I hope it helps!