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    System Mapping

    Apologies if this has been discussed. I looked around and didn't see anything describing what I was thinking. Problem: I have not found a way to view the position of other planets that are in my travel radius. In order to check if I can fly to a target planet, I must first get to orbit. If the planet I want to get to is out of range I have to sit and wait in orbit or land and wait some more, which wastes fuel. Recommendation: Add a module that can produce: Telescope or Satellite: Allows the player to discover the location of planetary bodies so the player can better plan launches to their target planet. Would be great to set alerts so I could know when it's time to launch. Potentially this module could have other items for mapping and discovery tasks (relocate beacon here, local radar for resources, typography map, etc)
  2. thegibster

    [Merged] Data point on Tether Issue

    Pressing T while in orbit and having tethers in your backpack places them in space.
  3. If you take a look at this screenshot you will see one aluminum in a slot (hologram) to construct a wind turbine. The second resource slot (hologram) to place the aluminum is missing. I discovered this by doing the following: Fill up the printer placeholder slots with one aluminum, two of another resource, and a solar panel (made from backpack). Cycle to the wind turbine. The printer will pull an aluminum and for some reason tries to swap with the solar panel as if it was a resource. This seems to prevent the correct display from showing making it so that you can't place the second aluminum required for construction. If you remove the solar panel from the printer all together, things seem to go back to normal and work correctly.
  4. I believe this happened to me as well. I logged off the game with the habitat on my rocket launcher, then when I logged back in it was acting as if I had placed it to start a new base (screenshot attached).
  5. When my character dies and I am holding a research item (not in my backpack but it is selected), the item spawns with me back at my base.
  6. Hi guys, Great job so far. I am enjoying it. I have a quick comment on the menu screen I hope helps. Idea: Currently the load game slots are showing a hologram with the date and time of the save. It would be helpful to also show the character type that I selected when creating the game. Possibly also allow us to give our save a name when we start the game before the initial pod launches to start the adventure. Reason: I have a few people that play on my computer and we are playing this game each on our own. I only know which game save is mine if I happen to remember when I played last. If I don't remember, then I'll have no way to know which save is mine and which is my friend's or family's save.