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  1. So i have a smelter, and I managed to have 3x copper ore, and 1x aluminium ore in there. (Was short on storage) Pushed "smelt", and was expecting it to only chew up one source. Instead it chewed up all 4 at once, gave me a single aluminium back, and I've lost all my copper. Kind of unfortunate as copper seems to be the rarest element in the game so far. I'm drowning in the "rare" titanium, and also the "rare" lithium (seriously I have the stuff lying around everywhere). Copper seems pretty hard to find tho. Running Win10, x64, windowed mode. GTX760 gfx
  2. +1 me to. On loading a game this happens. Win10 x64 also (running windowed)
  3. Lets be fair straight up - for a pre-alpha this thing is pretty solid for me. No crashes, and the only bugs are things that can mostly be worked around (so far) I have a couple of save games that have this bug. Saving and loading doesn't fix it. In one I have a smelter that isn't connected to anything else. It *looks* connected, but no power or tether flows through the link. Kind of annoying as I cant remove the offending module to re-create, and just have to make a second module of the same type. I think it happened under these conditions. (The reason I think it happened like this is that if you have a ghost node that hasn't been built yet, and you save then load the game, it doesn't look connected properly, even though the "ghost" node is still there.) * Click to expand a node out - but do NOT put resin in the slot * Save game * Exit, then reload game * Put resin in the slot, then double resin in the next one to make it into a module. * Voila - it looks connected but isn't really. Running win10, x64, windowed mode. GTX760 card.