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  1. Happy birthday! ^..^

    1. Kaehyon


      Thank you!! Sorry I didn't see this earlier :P.

  2. Browsing fine from my phone as I type this
  3. Always loved sandbox survival games. Been following this one for a while as it is humbly adorable yet mysterious and creepy. The low poly atmosphere is awesome and the ambient / electric / low-fi soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal. The art and sound design (along with the rest of the team) did a fantastic job at capturing a really unique aesthetic. I'm really excited to see how they build upon this already fantastic foundation.
  4. Also being a 2 socket like I had first mentioned would mean they would get the same "inflatable" base like thing when placed on the ground.
  5. I love exploring with an oxygen tank + filters, however the deep dark is, well, dark. So you might as well just use tethers as they are the easiest source of static lighting. It would be awesome to get something like a construction stand of lights which point in every direction. They would be a 2 socket item, with an additional single socket on them on which you could place a small wind generator, solar panel, or generator. Obviously you would then also be able to put them on the conduits within your base to lighten up the place you call home.
  6. I would enjoy seeing larger storage racks similar to those you can build on vehicles, but as a base building. With these you could then create larger batteries, solar panels, and the like. Not needed, but It would be awesome to have more tiers of base items to build! (Unless I just haven't found the recipes yet...)
  7. I've noticed this on every save I've made so far. As you play, save and reload, there seem to be random bits of.. something, which appear somewhere in space, and I'm not sure what they are doing there.
  8. I've restarted a few times since launch, but I think I'm finally happy with a place to call home Bonus: wonderful view from my future base location on Barren's pole! It's worth noting that the sun of the solar system is slightly off-level with the obit plane of the planets, so one pole gets more sun than the other.
  9. So somehow my habitat deployed on my spaceship. This resulted in bedrock forming, and being stuck to the ship. Add in physics and you get a sentient, earth-bending spaceship trying to put itself into orbit. This, while funny, isn't very practical. A video of it linked below (pardon the expletives ;P).
  10. Play a game of Space Dodgeball, or perhaps it's a mint to appease the spacegods