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  1. When attempting to land at 2 locations on Sylva the shuttle begins to land then the game locks up. The rest of the landing zones work fine but these 2. Have tried numerous ways and it all ends the same with the shuttle stuck and the game not functioning.
  2. After returning from exploration the stored research nodules come up missing from the base. I find them in an underground chamber a distance away. Later I explore an underground chamber and half of my rover train also disappears being found underground. After the update the same problem upon returning from exploration stored research nodules are missing and have yet to locate them. Any ideas on where to look as both underground locations do not have them and they are needed to continue the game?
  3. Would like to know where to locate lost research modules after return from exploration. The first time before the update I located them in an underground chamber. This time they have disappeared and the 2 underground chambers do not have them. Devs any idea on where to look. They are important for game use and continuance.
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    New Bugs

    New problem cropping up. After exploration came back to base to find research nodules gone. Located them underground a distance away. Then later parked the rover and trailers, saved game and upon return found half the trailers also gone located them underground some distance away.
  5. After coming back to the game from a save an old ugly bug with the latest update has reappeared. I find the rover buried in the earth and unable to free it. I also have found the rover moves sideways on its own without movement or direction requiring a save and return to the game since I am unable to control it. The rover is attached to the base but still gets buried. And sometimes the rover and its cargo units are found upside down or off kilter when returning from a save. This is regardless if it is the rover or medium rover.
  6. I have a pit full of these items that are actually unusable in the game. Why so many? Why not change it for building new facilities. I spend hours chasing down tech items only to find they give me filters and power cells much more than I actually need. Change the program to allow more and quicker building of the base and less of these in-needed items. Frustrating to go out and spend a lot of time uncovering and finding tech goodies only to have them researched into cells or filters of which I have far too many of.
  7. An old bug has reared its ugly head with the latest patch. I find the rover and trailers bouncing once again with no movement and have returned to the vehicles to find them floating just off the surface. I thought this bug had been fixed but seems to have reappeared.
  8. I had hoped with the latest update something was being done about the disappearing vehicles. I am a long way from the base and when I turn around my rover and trailers are gone. I see the flag but when I head towards it the flag disappears. There is no way of finding the vehicle as it is gone and I die having to start all over again. I do not like the idea of hunting down the rover when I just left it and hoped the update would fix it. Apparently not. Can only wait until the next update to finally fix the problem because it makes an awesome game mediocre.
  9. I started a new game after the update to latest version. After awhile when I would leave the truck it would jump and turn over. I went on an exploration left the vehicle to obtain an item and when I turned around the vehicle was gone. It had moved and the tires were in the sky. I went to the vehicle location and it disappeared. I refuse to play this game any longer until the vehicle problem is fixed. Difficult enough to make it work. But several times now my vehicles have jumped into the sky and/or disappeared. When you fix the problem I will be back.
  10. If the astronaut sometimes leaves the truck before it completely stops the entire truck assembly jumps into the sky and takes awhile before it comes back to earth. I have left the truck to gather something and when I turn around the truck is high in the sky with no way of reaching it. I either die of have to wait for it to slowly fall to earth. One time a portion of the truck disappeared into the ground and I had to numerous times work on it to get it to reappear again the back half upside down and the front like it fell into a swamp. Has become most annoying waiting for it to return to the gr
  11. If one wears a complete suit with oxygen attachments for breathing, how can a dust storm kill you unless you get hit by a rock and how can a toxic plant vapor kill you. You are in an enclosed protection suit without any means of breathing or being affected by outside influences such as dust or plants.