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  1. Since i last played there were many new changes to the game. About 90% of which made the game much more fun to play. But there are still some small issues (possible pun) that i think need to be addressed in some way: In particular Large and X-Large versions of some structures and items. First off i have some ideas for some new T-3/T-4 structures *Note: units/s pertain to power units per second* 1. Windmill (Large Wind turbines) The large version of the "Wind Turbine". Wind driven power source. A larger unit to gather more power from the wind thus producing more power then a single Medium Wind Turbine. One Windmill Produces 5 Units/s (the same amount of power as 5 Medium Wind Turbines) 2. Power plant (Large Generator) The large version of the "Generator". Fuel driven power source. Large unit to generate more power from a fuel source. This unit utilizes Hydrogen gas in order to operate and produces 12 Units/s over the course of 200 seconds. (The same amount of power as 4 Medium generators, but runs for 200 seconds per fuel unit instead of 100 seconds per fuel unit) *3. Extra Large Platform C Another Extra large platform that has an either a square or Octagonal shape (similar to the Extra Large Platform A) with 4 Tier-2 slots each slot being on one of the the four sides (Top, bottom, left and right side. This applies to the octagon shape as well). The main purpose of this Platform is to allow multiple Tier-2 structures to be placed on it. Such as for example several crafting modules, having one or more modules and/or storage items (which can be used to make production faster/ easier to manage. 4. Item Transferal Module The ITM allows players to transfer Units from one source to another. It would/should contain two T-4 connections. It would transfer items/units from one side to the other. This would only allow Storage units to be placed. Structures such as the X-Large storage (or any other storage sizes) would be placed on either side, and then allowed to transfer items into the slots. This is only meant to save time from taking units and items off of storage modules, such as the X-Large storage, allowing the attachments to be transferred to another storage unit. For example: If you want to transfer the contents of one X-Large storage, to 2 large storage units with (4) medium storage units attached , you would place the X-Large Storage on one side and the empty storage's on the other. Once activated it will automatically, and quickly, pull items off the X-Large Storage and place them onto any free spots on the other side. If there's no more space to move items to then they will not be transferred. This would not be much different then how some modules pull items from one storage and then after use/or smelting places them back onto a free spot. Suggested changes: I found a few items that already exist that have some issues with them: 1. Solar Array: The power output should be 10 Units/s instead of 8 units/s. The difference would mean your getting one extra solar panels worth of power to offset the cost of making them. Part of the reason this change would be nice is to make the module worth the materials it costs to craft it. For the time and cost of materials required, you can use a few extra easily obtainable / abundant resources (all of which can be found on the starting planet) to make a singe Large Platform B and 4 Medium Solar panels. Comparatively you save on copper and glass, but you still must craft Plastic and Graphene (both of which require the chemical lab as well as the atmospheric condenser for the latter). In turn, adding more power output to the array would make getting it over getting a solar farm more efficient at the expense of the resource cost, as well as take up less space (something it already dose very well) 2. Extra Large Platform A: An addition of the single T-4 slot, there should be two smaller T-3 slots allowing for up to four T-2 slots on either side. this would make the platform more useful as a production platform allowing multiple Production modules to be attached and work off each other and/or having multiple storage units attached to speed up production. This of course wouldn't be necessary if something like the Extra Large Platform C idea (as mentioned above) exists, however this could be a good alternative to it.
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    Train concept (With 3D model concept)

    I personally love this concept and would be amazing to do more so if you have more then one base on a planet, or in the case made by OP having everyone have their own base and some way to connect them all. after reading through some of the posts i have to say that a lot of them are really good and decided to make a bit of a compilation here including their ideas and a few of my own. Hopefully this will help you out or at least give you some more ideas as well lol Station module: A large module (about the size of a Large station A) that allows you to use point to point trains. All tracks start at a Station Stations and have two point to connect to (one point on either side of the tracks), allowing them to be used as stops or junctions or even bypassed. This is also the point at which you supply power to the train (more carts means more power draw of course). The station can automatically stop carts automatically (and any attached to the first cart), this can be toggled on and off but is useful for faster carts (which will be explained later). Trains all must start out being placed on a station but can be moved forward and backward like any vehicle and then can be linked together. Track connector: Track connectors are a one slot sized unit that work in the same way that Extenders do, in that you must place the connector down and then using a cable (the track) connect it to others. This will allow for the train to run along most every type of surface. Even over gaps and ravines as long as the track connectors are rested on solid ground. When making a turn/curved track they curve no lower then 90°. To prevent the train from making too sharp a turn the smaller the angle the more track is needed (a 90° turn would need the entire length of the track to prevent the train from flipping/ bunching up. They could also attach to walls and ceilings as well. All rail endings have a stopper on them to prevent trains from flying off of the rails. You also replace stoppers with connectors when you attach one you then can stretch out the stopper to your desired length (or till you run out. Rails also also cannot be removed/moved if there is a train on them or if they are between the train and the nearest connected Station (in other words a train must always be connected to a station), when placed Connectors and stoppers will connect to the closest part of the ground (similar to most modules). Finally is the Train carts themselves. All carts have a few things in common: 1. To drive/operate a train you must sit at the one closest to the front (the seat must also be facing the front) as opposed to vehicles where its the first one in the vehicle. 2. Trains can only go forwards or backwards and cannot operate with out power (nor can their module attachments) 3. All trains can be removed or placed at the station, or by using a packager on the train at any point of the track (when no modules are attached) There could be several different kinds as some mentioned before: -Maintenance Cart: Small carts that have have three T-2 attachments (front top, and, back) allowing for a semi early game train option. They are slightly faster then a rover. -Speed carts: Medium transport carts that have limited space similar to two Medium rovers put together. They have two T-3 attachment slots on top, enough for storage or four single rover seats), however they can reach very fast speeds, essentially being the "bullet train" of the game. these carts do not have a front / back attachment. -Work carts: Larger carts that resemble Large rovers in terms of modules. Having a T-4 attachment slot they can use cranes and many other modules they are about as fast as a Maintenance cart but allow for large amounts of storage. I think that's about it for this XD
  3. This would be a great addition to the game if they would do so. Personally i think you should be allowed a FPV regardless of being in a vehicle or normal giving players a "HUD" when in FPV that displays the essentials such as oxygen, compass and maybe indicators of the first and second gadget slots with either a green light for on/active and red for off/inactive (for tethers it would just display a number by it). It would be useful for digging as well as it will dig according to where you place the center of your screen if your digging down/up or forward. And to change view it would be the zoom button (what ever button is used to change the zoom distance that is) having a 4th zoom which would be the FPV.
  4. First off well talk about the Recycling center/station. Essentially its a means to get rid of any unwanted platforms vehicles and modules (as well as their permanent attachments) The way it would work would be similar to how the vehicle bay "detects" an empty vehicle slot in front of it. When a large item (such as a platform, vehicle, or module) is in front of the station, it will allow you to do one of two things: Recycle - This will destroy the item and return half of the materials (a minimum of 1 per item recycled) used to create the item(s). This will recycle and return at least one material per item recycled, but cannot recycle materials (so be sure to remove them before recycling). Ex: if you place a single "Large platform D" you will receive two Aluminum for it. But if there are other items attached to it, for example a single medium solar panel, then you will also receive materials from that. Granting you two aluminum and one copper. you also cannot recycle the starter items (to ensure players cant continuously respawn the starter set for easy material farming) Deconstruct - following the same rules as the Recycle system, it will allow you to destroy items placed in front of it including any attachments. The difference is that rather then returning materials it will allow you to receive data (bytes) and will allow you to add a small amount of Bytes to your bank. the higher the tier the more bytes you can receive though the highest amount will only be around 50 bytes Next is Tier 4 power options. Currently the only real use for the XL platform is to be used with the XL storage (which is the only tier 4 module currently). These options will allow for greater power alternatives as well as a use for the XL Platforms. XL Wind Turbine - This windmill shaped turbine will provide up to 3x the amount of energy then a normal wind turbine, Using its articulated propeller it can face the direction of the wind allowing it to be more efficient with energy gathering. XL Solar Panel - Providing more solar energy this station works similarly to the small solar panel in that it will tilt itself towards sunlight to gather energy more efficiently the large solar cells are slightly larger then the XL platform but can deliver up to 4x the amount of power compared to a standard solar panel. XL Generator - Providing 2.5x the energy as a medium sized generator would be worth it enough, but due to innovations in technology XL generators not only will consume coal at one third the rate (essentially making a single stack of coal last up to 3x longer), but can also utilize Organic matter, but they will be consumed at half the rate as a small generator essentially making it last 2x's as long and more efficient then a small generator). They are also designed with a single Tier two slot allowing for two single items for storage or a single two tier item (such as a medium Storage module) All XL Power supplies are crafted with 2 Titanium and require a tier 4 slot making the XL Station or Large Rover the only way to use them (will be permanently affixed).
  5. 1. Mouse/keyboard? Controller? A. Controller 2. Steam? Xbox? A. Xbox one 3. What were you doing leading up to this bug? A. Killed by spike pod (the purple and red mushrooms that spear you with red spikes when your to close to them) after which i died and respawned (second death in game) went back to retrieve my items (after clearing the area of pods). After getting my items back i returned to my vehicle and I was unable to attach items to the storage spaces. Also tried to retrieve items from my back back but could not select them. it will allow me to retrieve items that are on the ground or in a storage but will not highlight them when i use my cursor/free look. 4. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. A. I don't know exactly how to reproduce the bug (if i can at all). I have tried dying to spike pods again, as well as died and respawned multiple times and in different ways to see if it would fix the bug but the problem still persists. 5. Include any media you want. Feel free to attach images, videos, and so on to your post. if this link dose not work please let me know (the file itself is 154 MB so i cannot attach it as a file) Summery: Essentially this bug make it where I can no longer select items in my backpack or items that are attached to platform snap points. it also dose not allow me to attach them to any snap points if i have them in hand/moving them. This is only effective in some areas of the map however as it will not allow me to remove or insert items to / from my backpack or vehicle snap points it makes playing the game almost impossible. I have tried recreating the death to see if it would fix the issue as well as restarting the game (not the save file) both did nothing. The problem mainly happens when using the left trigger (aim/cursor mode). Although i would rather not do so i may have to restart the game and delete the file as it seems that nothing has worked to fix the issue at the moment I hope there is enough information here to show the problem and more so to fix it. The game is amazing and with the new updates i cant help but say that the game has only gotten better. I hope that it continues to grow and become an even better game in time (and hopefully with out any bugs)