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  1. Jason Van Patten

    0.65 - can rarely get into rover w/o moving chair

    I am seeing this as well. I've also placed a mineral extractor on a large rover next to a crane/drill. i have filled up the extractor but i cannot activate it. I cannot get into the crane every time. Some times i have to detach it from the other pieces of my mobile base before the crane will let me use it.
  2. Jason Van Patten

    Regarding The Spambot

    2 one line cli scripts to get the mac address. ping <ip> ( $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] in php ) apr -r parse the result set for new mac addresses and assign to a user name. If you can't ping them then you can block them (and or flag for extra scrutiny by a moderator) and if the mac address changes more than twice an hour you now know they are rotating mac addresses intentionally and you can ban their account outright once flagged block the user account associated with the mac address 2 hours of work once maybe a day if you want to get fancy and add a ui for the moderators to manage thresholds
  3. Jason Van Patten

    Regarding The Spambot

    Blocking duplicate content is an option but it doesn't take much for a quasi competent botter to break their content up into an array and automate randomly putting it back together or tossing a salt hash on the end of it. The really advanced ones will run their content through a heat map algorithm and then take a thesaurus dump on each of the most relevant words and randomly auto sub those words in. I used to work on an SEO service that would spin up entire farms of content on mulitple dynamically purchased domains.. It took google months to catch my algorithms and on several sites i had live people responding to conversations..
  4. Jason Van Patten

    Regarding The Spambot

    Also keep in mind now that you have blocked their spam they might try something new.. like a ddos on your server or xss attacks on forum users.
  5. Jason Van Patten

    Regarding The Spambot

    Another trick you can pull is mac address logging. Basically once a person gets flagged as spam you block traffic with that mac address. Doing it by ip can can be exploited in bad ways. You can in theory make the block temporary and then block by ip which is cheaper, but then people/bots on ipv4 subnets (AOL) can still get inadvertently blocked while the temp ban is in place.
  6. Jason Van Patten

    Parking Brakes

    It is super frustrating to have your vehicle drift while trying to use the crane/drill. A way to anchor a vehicle while the drill is in use would be awesome.
  7. Jason Van Patten

    Suit Upgrades Idea - Cosmetic too!

    pimpin' the pink suit with dual antennae.
  8. Jason Van Patten

    station and vehicle damage?

    Mostly i just wanted to see how people feel about having to build repair kits for vehicles and apply them to damaged objects. Maybe as a hardcore mode option?
  9. Jason Van Patten

    Using the Habitat to start a new base

    when you put it down there should be a orange button above it. click that. welcome to your new home.
  10. Jason Van Patten

    Backpack summon : Retrieve your lost items

    Maybe have difficulty levels that players can set when they create a game? Hardcore: your stuff is gone and your un-tethered vehicles "blew away" in a sand storm. Normal: things as they are now go find your body. Tourist: you keep everything and your vehicles get returned to the last place they were tethered.
  11. Jason Van Patten

    Weather Ideas - Snow & Rain

    acid rain could be a fun one and could leach both power and oxygen.
  12. Jason Van Patten

    Base Names

    I would like to be able to edit the name of my bases, maybe have a UI for selecting which base i want to land at when i arrive at a world instead of waiting for the planet to rotated it into view.
  13. Jason Van Patten

    Automation Systems

    yes and no. So if i have a fueling station on a polar orbit of the radiated world, sitting there and clicking fuel condensers is just tedious. Optimally i would like to be exploring while this automation is running. Clearly if i explore too far away/another planet the automation will stop when the world chunk drops out of memory, but it would still be cool to let it run while i'm there and doing other things. Even if it is just enjoying the view in my arm chair.
  14. Jason Van Patten

    Greenhouse and Physics Lab

    Modules for these things could be cool. What i really want is the ability to use up research indefinitely. Maybe if a module improved performance with subsequent upgrades so that i could use fewer modules for the same effect. I kinda want a research ui where you could guide the focus of the research, but i like the replay ability the current random research provides. I dunno..
  15. Jason Van Patten

    parking brakes

    I do that, but it's time/energy consuming. The crane is the case i really want it for when i only need to be parked for a short time.