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  1. I know there have been some visual issues in the past concerning the recipes / research items, but I have not come across my problem in particular as of yet. I am playing the PC Steam version of the game. This bug has seemed to persist through the various updates and is not a recent issue. When I access my backpack, it will open on its default page fine. I can see the image, title, and cost. The left hand scroll menu appears blank, and as I scroll, the images will not change to represent whatever research item is available. I can see the animation of the scrolling as it is shown on the left hand panel, but no subsequent change to the main screen or items represented in the scrolling panel. This is not a matter of sufficient power as I have had this issue occur in games that have let me progress enough to have no lack of said power. The problem seems to occur randomly, and once it does, the game seems to become unplayable at that point. As well, it seems to be happening much earlier in games as well. Although I can tell as I scroll that I have items available to research, I have no means of knowing what they might be. This makes the game pretty much unplayable. All other graphics, such as package interaction and so forth, have no problems. I hope I can get some sort of resolution to this issue as Astroneer is, I would say, in the top 5 games that I love.