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  1. We are having an issue with a second habitat landing inside the planet during a multiplayer game. This isn't an issue if the joining player lands before any structures are built, but once the habitat has to land on or around a connected habitat, it lands a full habitat height under the planet's surface. Once you exit the habitat the character 'floats' under the surface in a running motion and slowly ascends until visible through the surface, at which point they may 'pop' out or have to be dug out using the shaping tool. There have been cases where the joining playing has had to quit
  2. Just to clarify, our game was played both on PC via a host invitation through Steam.
  3. Setting up a base on the home planet in multiplayer has been working perfectly, but once we travel to another planet things start to go wrong: - numerous graphical glitches including missing terrain or 'invisible' objects and items - non-host players unable to lay tethers or use the tethers of another player, this is also true of resources mined by the other players. Although the host player can lay tethers, pick up and attach resources to another players backpack - unable to see any resources found or structures built by the host player - differently generated terrain from
  4. Just set on the ground, I did wonder about that after I'd posted...
  5. Playing the PC version using keyboard and mouse, I stepped into my underground habitat to save my progress to find myself trapped inside. I can lay tethers (not great for a rescue attempt) and reloading starts my game as per the attached image file. No other commands work, so it appears I'll have to start consuming resourses like a madman in a new game. This is the first time it's happened and neither myself or partner can recreate the issue... Thank you for a truly awesome game though, including the hilarious glitches!