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    Can we talk about hunger?

    It seems this game is more about exploring and building. From the earliest days of The Long Dark you had predators to worry about and hunger and cold. In Minecraft you had to worry about your Meat pop level and predators and if you went under water then your oxygen. Just seems like from the beginning if the developers want it to be a survival game they make it that way. So my paltry vote would go to no hunger mechanic
  2. 00Saaben

    Moving objects

    I can't be sure but believe they did it the way they did because of the camera. If the block is behind you it's closer to the camera and bigger. Also it would impede you vision of your pack so oxygen level and battery level would be hard to see if you could at all. my personal suggestion would be the object shrinks and attaches to your hands like things do to the backpack. This could allow you to move like normal but if you use the terraforming device you would then drop the item.
  3. 00Saaben

    Beginners guide?

    Just wondering if anyone has started on a guide yet. So far I've made plenty of mistakes and learned a decent amount that I think would be beneficial to beginners. for example when doing early interplanetary travel with the shuttle (not ship) I recommend the tank be full of hydrazine and the two side ports also have hydrazine. You mount one seat and a habitat, on the habitat you mount two resins. On your person you should have a backpack made solar collector,wind generator, and an organic generator. This leaves seven spots available on your backpack. You need one more resin to create a structure so that leaves 6. With the remaining spots I recommend 4 compounds and 2 aluminum. With this loadout you have good options regardless of which planet you choose to explore.
  4. 00Saaben

    looking for people to play with on xbox one

    It was some sort of bug. It would say saving at the habitat but when exiting to the main menu I would only have the 4 astroneers to choose from. I uninstalled and reinstalled and that fixed the problem.
  5. 00Saaben

    looking for people to play with on xbox one

    I would like to play with others also. I work third shift so I'm not sure if that works for you. Also my game refuses to save so I have to start over each time.
  6. 00Saaben

    Can we talk about hunger?

    I've read through almost all of the comments and think there are plenty of valid points. That being said IMHO I enjoy the casual gameplay (XBone) and believe if they want to implement some other realistic scenarios there are plenty of ways to do it. I'm thinking about the storms person sized rocks! How about a percentage chance during a storm that one of your tethers breaks? How freaky would that be. Down in a cave exploring and your tether goes black. I don't see the point in comparing this unfinished game with other completed games. We don't know where they might take this game, but I believe that giving suggestions are the best way to contribute. Hunger could be done well as could plant matter become different chemical compounds for better fuel or some such. Lots of options and I'm excited to see where they take the game.