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  1. Papa Smurf

    New experimental update 123?

    I've noticed a few things... Spoiler; Dynamite. That's all I will say there.... Seems like there are more crash sites.... as well as a new crash site. Actually landed on a terran biome without any organic.... Also the acid spitter globs die easier... I'll let you guys figure that one out too.. and that's only me 15 minutes in
  2. Papa Smurf

    playing untested builds?

    yeah Ive been on 117 for over a week on steam via experimental mode... I think they keep it pretty live
  3. Papa Smurf

    Ideas for the forums

    They said that this forum engine can accommodate up/down voting and will probably be implemented in the future... There ARE subcategories of forum; General, Suggestions, patch notes, and I basically have no idea what you are talking about concerning 'conversation mode' I start my forum experience from here: In case you missed that or something
  4. Papa Smurf

    "117" - January 9th, 2017

    Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and probably because Ive been playing 2.117 for 10 days now, but.... concerning this patch; Whatever happened to "something, something, big ass spacewreck debris is awesome and keep an eye out" also 'creative 2.0' tools suite and/or additions? Sounds like a bitchy post, but I'm really just saying is there another patch to follow very soon, or should we expect that this is kinda gonna be the average rate of deployment? Still sounds bitchy... sorry. Serious questions, and let me reiterate that this game is the bomb and I am more than happy with my purchase and to offer my support to keep this project going no matter what the timeline and I literally have zero expectations and high hopes.
  5. Papa Smurf

    Improvements to Researching

    truck is like, low level tech... I believe there is a roll for what kind of research you unlock, and things like spaceship, winch, crane, and drill head are "rarer' than the other stuff... so you will almost always get truck before half of the other stuff.... I think. I could be wrong
  6. Papa Smurf

    Too much research

    I like this idea with the current amount of research... "Unlocked crane tech blueprint piece: 1 of 4"
  7. Papa Smurf

    Advocating for no mini-map

    you can literally navigate with the stars.... like humans did before google. Maybe make your own map with landmarks either natural or ones that you can create. There are also beacons which are visible for probably 20 degrees of latitude or longitude. There are so many solutions that dont break the charm of the game by having no HUD. I could advocate for MAYBE in the future there being some kind of deployable GPS system that requires resources and takes up space....
  8. Papa Smurf

    Advocating for no mini-map

    +1 no minimap. Get lost. Have adventure. Astroneer®
  9. Papa Smurf

    Perfect starting base

    I thought I was the only one who built up a couple notches for the wind turbine.... Nice
  10. Papa Smurf


    YES!!!! +3 F*** it, let's go with a full line of heavy duty construction machinery that performs better than your astrovac with less power consumption
  11. Papa Smurf

    Broken economy printing money

    The devs are on the same page as you. Personally I think it's less hassle to wander into a cave than play click-o-neer all day, but I get it.... They will probably make hydrazine less valuable, and/or rework the condenser altogether
  12. Papa Smurf

    Terrain tool mods UI

    Thanks. I really feel like the basic premise isnt much of a stretch, and could fit in with the current feel without requiring any huge new code structures... at least as far as I know about dev which is basically nothing lol
  13. Papa Smurf

    Terrain tool mods UI

    bump cause damn page 3 in 10 hours
  14. Papa Smurf

    A possible answer to hunger/farming

    Thats what i was thinking. Consumables and farming still offer more gameplay without a nagging hunger bar...
  15. Papa Smurf

    Terrain tool mods UI

    Wuddup folks. Sittin here not sleeping imagining a clever ui system for the terrain tool and future modifiers. Basically, the terrain tool becomes accessible via a hotkey, call it e. Press E, and the terrain tool flies into focus much like the backpack. From here, the tool contains a single 1snap mount that can be used to modify its actions. Perhaps also some basic parameters are available with simple mouse clicks here like brush size etc. Want the only "lazor" in the game? Better find that holy grail 1snap tool mod in the deepest alien research module on exotic... brush pattern, energy saver, "spraypaint" mode that builds and destructs in swiss cheese flavor, etc.... What gets interesting here is 2 things. 1. Maybe these snaps are a different size and are kept in a "toolbox" that attaches to your backpack or something so that these mods have only one purpose and other 1snaps are not going to fit on your astrovac (no bonus carrying capacity like a compound in your build slot) 2. OR perhaps other regular 1snaps ALSO act as modifiers.... this can be as simple as color eg; slap in some compound and you build in white. Or even further down the list of possibilities, it could get crazy. A lump of power in your gun creates terrain with luminescence. Hydrazine makes terrain with higher friction for efficient roadways. Organic spawns plants. Aluminum creates smooth terrain with blended voxels for very appealing "walls" and other structures. Maybe resin is clippable, becoming a physicsless "water"... Oh yea unrelated, but also cool would be a terrain tool mod that creates "permanent" structures. Probably does not add or subtract material, but simply floats over existing matter and glues it into uneditableness. Hopefully also with some voxel smoothing for ultimate in appealing structures.... Anyway, Obviously im getting way out into dreamland. The main point of my post is to offer a possible simple solution to what might otherwise be some challenging or time consuming code to further the "creative" agenda with the press e, insert different terrain tool idea... Thanks guys hope your new year is kicking ass