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  1. 1. I can't set Tab to anything, even if I change it from the default. 2. Clicking the ground pings there. This can be spammed, is really annoying, and misclicks result in an entire 2 second animation playing which is just sh­it game design. Just let us ping the ground when we press a certain (bindable) key. Thanks.
  2. Very simple request. Let us pick which slots the vehicle bay arm builds on. I tried to do a cool rig where two arms build two large storages at the same time, but the game prioritizes the front 4 slots, and its actually impossible to build two things at the same time. You also can't build anything on the connected 4-slot at the front and back of the big rover using the vehicle bay arm.
  3. JohnSmith666

    Am i not understanding the crane?

    The point of the crane is to be able to mine titanium and lithium. It is not very strong, and is completely outclassed by the terrain tool with wide and boost mods.
  4. Host is on W10 Enterprise, client is on Windows 7 Home. Both versions are on Steam, When the client is using the drill on a crane on the medium rover, the host cannot use their terrain tool (has a wide mod and boost mod on it). Sounds and visuals all work, but no terrain is destroyed and no soil is added to canisters. Attached .webm shows it happening. I can't use my tool while the client is drilling. I try elevate mode, and as soon as drilling stops, I am able to do it. Output.webm
  5. JohnSmith666

    Persistent SFX Bug

    Flushed my C:\Users\*\AppData\Local\Astro folder and reinstalled the game. Seems to have fixed the problem.
  6. JohnSmith666

    Persistent SFX Bug

    Okay this is bizarre; I just made a brand new save and the same oxygen-refilling noise is playing at the same relative location (W-SW of the starting habitat). Going to try reinstalling my game.
  7. JohnSmith666

    Persistent SFX Bug

    If you suffocate to death the moment you are connected to your oxygen system, the sound of oxygen refilling your tanks begins to play at the location of your death, and it will not cease. It also does not cease even if you restart your game. Steam version on Windows 10, version
  8. JohnSmith666

    Game is hard-locked at 4 minutes in.

    Tell that to the game. I was literally unable to gather anything. If I was on my desktop I'd have recorded it and posted it somewhere so you could see. The terrain tool did not work until I printed a canister, which I couldn't do because I did not have enough power to do so. Lol I've been playing this game since it was released. I didn't "flame" the game either, perhaps you'd like to do some research of your own, hopefully with an English dictionary. Keep your foolhardy and left-handed judgments to yourself, please.
  9. Is this a joke? Not only is the new camera system utterly broken and garbage, but I'm already hard-locked in terms of progression: I used what little battery power I began with to make a generator. My terrain tool is then disabled and I am told to make a canister. But I need to power my generator with organic to do that, and I can't gather organic until I first make a canister. Really? Did you not play-test this patch before you released it? How on earth was such a gargantuan, blaring flaw overlooked?
  10. JohnSmith666

    Planetarium Module (see image)

    Sounds good! Nothing wrong with a little bit of (balanced and fair) work to make the result more rewarding.
  11. JohnSmith666

    Floodlights for BRIGHT Lighting

    Yeah, either big towering soccer stadium poles, or just small circular floodlights with high power that help brighten things up.
  12. JohnSmith666

    Better steering for crane and drill

    Just root the vehicle to the ground it is on while the driver seat is empty. Its a single line of code and its also a little disappointing it hasn't been implemented yet. The current code checks to for any players in any seats.
  13. JohnSmith666

    Planetarium Module (see image)

    Exactly. Time for some innovation.
  14. JohnSmith666

    weather transmitter

    Looks pretty good!