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    loading issues.

    Hi Guys Noticed this since day one. When I load a saved game i have noticed that it loads an older save first. I then have to exit out to the main screen, and then reload again. This time i would get my last successful save. Any reason why this is happening. F
  2. flasekkou

    Game slowing down

    Hi Guys Love this game to bits . But i have only noticed this recently. I have a truck that has a number of other trucks attached to it, with a number of accessories on the back. The game until now has been running fine. A couple of frame drops, but nothing to be bothered about. Now I can barely walk or drive anywhere with the game pausing. The sound still plays in the back ground, but the movement stops or resums for like 2 seconds and then freezes again. Very frustrating when your attempting to move or drive things around. Please get this looked into as i have places to explorer with my new Drill unit. F