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  1. Summary: More problems than I can honestly portray. I will do my best to keep an even temper, because I completely lost it tonight while playing. Description: I really want to love this game. I do. I ignore them for the most part, but sometimes they get so big, it breaks the enjoyment. Below is a list of the problems I can remember having in the last two to three days. There were probably more, but once you get a list like this, things get lost. I didn't write them down as they occurred, because I hoped 1.0 would be a polished product. I am sorely disappointed. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 - not sure how to find my version or build number CPU: Intel Core i9-9900 CPU @ 3.60 GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 (Driver version dated 18/9/18) RAM: dunno how to look it up specifically, but 64 GB Drive: I believe: WDC WDS500G2B0A-00SM50 - at least that's what's listed in my device manager. (It's a 500GB SSD) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- MULTIPLAYER Let's start with multiplayer issues first; because 1.0 did not include servers, my friends and I were forced to host and join each other's games. We mostly used one player's game as the game, however, due to internet stability issues, and other (listed below) multiplayer issues, today we moved the host to another player (me) and this showed me more issues we were having. I hope when servers are introduced that a) these problems are gone and b) are not replaced by new problems. It's like Obi Wan Kenobi. It's my only hope. - When I play single player I get upwards of 178 fps. As soon as another player joins I get 17-25 fps. Once everyone leaves it returns to 55 fps. - When I host, and any other player gets in a shuttle or rover, etc, my PC is forced to save the game, and I get a half second lag, or stutter, which totally kills my action when I'm getting 17fps already. - Terrain issues of every type. Terrain plates misaligned, or quicksand, or just walking or driving along and falling into the earth's core. Some of these disappear after a game close/relaunch. Some disappear after the host closes and reopens the game, but some have even persisted beyond that. In a 3 player instance, some are visible to player 2 but not player 3, but some are visible to both player 2 and 3. None are visible to player 1. One that was visible to player 2 before the host closed and saved, and was still there the next day when we rejoined, and was visible to player 3, (worst case scenario.) I don't care too much about this getting fixed if it no longer exists in server multiplay - even if we did raise the issue pre-alpha.... (It was in fact the reason we stopped playing in the first place. - What I've noticed in regard to these sorts of issues is that they build up over time, and restarting your client often fixes it - as if the game is bleeding memory or something. When I mentioned this, my friend noticed that Astroneer does not get recognised as a "game" and does not receive proper treatment in CPU allocation rules, etc. - Falling into the core of the planet used to be less of a problem because you used to float back to the surface. Now it dumps you deep within the earth and that's it. If you were prepared for a long walk (but not with tethers, only with oxygen filters) you might have a chance, otherwise you're dead and your gear is lost. - Sometimes when your friend joins your game, they will join you on whichever planet you're on. Other times, however, they start at your home planet (Sylva) no matter where you are. No consistency has been found, although this problem only occurred twice. - Sound crossover. Oh my lord. Now, when any of us open the research tab, someone else will hear it from their game as if they opened it themself. Sometimes we all hear it together. It just started happening. Then we noticed we were getting other sounds from each other, like if he ran out of power I might hear that as if I ran out of power. - Crashing client. This didnt happen to any of us for two days straight, but today one of my friends (joining me as host) crashed 7 times in three hours and yet my other friend (nor I) didn't crash once. It's good to restart and everything because of the desync problems, but we really should have the final say on when. - Leaving and rejoining when my friend hosts randomly decides if you will keep items in your inventory or not. It also sometimes remembers a starting location for you and sometimes not. I won't discuss what happened when I took over hosting duties, because that shouldn't be a problem normal people have, but ok. I will. When I took over the save file, I opened up with my friends inventory gear. This only happened once, even though I hosted twice, but we kind of understand what happened here - it has to do with allocation of player numbers. (Player 3 becomes player 1, takes over player 1 inventory, and then the previous player 1 has no save location as player 2, etc) So that's the multiplayer stuff. Now let me vent all the problems that I have had independently. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Vehicles Vehicles in this game are so frustrating they are what finally drove me to a) quit the game and b) write this post. I have driven the tractor, the buggy (couldn't have chosen a better name), the medium rover, and the large rover. I have driven the tractor with no trailer, one trailer, two trailers. I have driven the medium rover with no trailers, and one trailer. I have driven the large rover with no trailers, one medium rover as a trailer, one or two trailers, and also two trailers and a medium rover <-- the worst decision I ever made. I will use the word "truck" to describe my vehicle because it didn't seem to matter which one I was in. Sometimes when you get into your truck, you cannot drive. I have "fixed" this several ways. Sometimes, the power indicators were "broken" (ie displaying power when the vehicle possibly had none - in fact on one occasion it showed as none to the host). Applying power fixed it in that occasion. On other occasions I was driving with an RTG attached and this could never be the issue. Sometimes I get back out, and get back in, and sometimes that just works. Other times, it does not. Sometimes I get back out, and get back in four or five times, and then it just works. Other times that still doesn't work. Sometimes I disconnect one trailer. Then the truck will drive. Then I get out and reconnect the trailer, and then sometimes the truck will drive, and other times it will not. Sometimes i diconnect more than one trailer. (Picture every combination of disconnecting and reconnecting trailers that is physically possible. I have done them all, and all of them have had BOTH results.) Sometimes you get into the truck, and when it doesn't power (ie, you press W), it rolls backwards down the hill. Sometimes when you roll backwards down the hill, you run over your own trailer, which causes more problems I care to list. I almost threw my keyboard at my monitor. I DID wake my girlfriend up with my vigorous angry vocals. Sometimes when you try to recover your truck it bounces into the sky and gets stuck in the air. Then you can't get it to drive. On one occasion, I had the following setup: Large Rover, one trailer, (one Drill strength 2, one medium battery on the front), one rover seat, one RTG, one large shredder, and one medium storage on the trailer. My friend and I drove to four gateways and the only problem I had was that drilling downward was incredibly easy and drilling up was virtually impossible. Otherwise, zero problems (that we didnt make for ourselves.) Tonight, however, I flew to Sylvana, and my rig was similar but not the same. Large Rover, trailer, trailer, medium rover. Medium Rover had large storage with two medium storage. The drill bit was drill strength 3 instead of drill strength 2. Here's what happened. At first, it worked. I could drive, I could tow the trailers, I could drill through hills and trees alike. However, tonight I needed to use V to activate the drill, when prior it worked on C. What the actual heck. but. after the first time I got out, things changed. Now I could drive forward, OR I could drill. If I activate the drill I no longer had control of the truck. Not even to turn. Gravity affected it, and momentum affected it, and that is all. So I had to take a run up at the trees, then activate the drill, then turn off the drill, then counter steer, etc. Also, we worked out that if I angled the camera so that I am looking upward from underneath the truck, I can drill upward. I can't see where I'm going, I can only see the undercarriage. As soon as I bring the camera back up, I drill a big hole in front of me and drive into it, and then I have the same problem I just had. Whoever thought this was a great system needs their head checked. Sorry for the aggression, but this woke my girlfriend up. And then, when I got out to do some shredding, that was just the end. I couldn't get the truck to work. I got in an out 19 times, trying to get the truck to tow those trailers, and it wouldn't. I had to tow each one individually to a new location, and then rehitch them. And if I ever had to get out of the truck, which you always have to do for trees that get missed by the drill and you drive onto the trunk, at that point the tree can't be drilled. If you put it in reverse, the trailer backs into a hill and then you can't drive. Get out of the truck and then you can't drive I nearly flipped my desk And then I rolled down a 3-way hill into the vertice at the bottom and rolled over one of the trailers. 53 minutes later, I towed them out one at a time, after hand digging various ramps and such. There are so many issues in this. 1. All the problems where the truck loses drive control. 2. The drill control. 3. The drill not working simultaneously as the driving 4. Trying to drive forward and you roll backward down a hill 5. Not being able to drive if you are on top of your trailer 6. Not being able to drive if - even if it looks like they are fine - there is some problem with your tyres connection with the soil. 6a. It's a 6 wheeler. It doesn't need 6 wheels on the ground. 7. Connecting and disconnecting trailers to make them 'movable objects' 8. Not being able to move a trailer by any means if you can't get the cables to connect 9. Those cables just refuse to connect. They are cables. They have ONE JOB. Connect to the plug. It shouldn't be so hard. They should do it systematically. You grab one, it hooks into the closest plug. Why do we have to struggle with them SO MUCH? Driving trucks is meant to be a major part of the fun in this game. It was so incredibly, unbelievably, unfathomably, unforgivingly frustrating. Worse than pre-alpha. And to make this issue twice as bad, when you are hosting and your FRIEND is having truck trouble? Every three seconds you get "saving game" stutters. If you're having truck troubles at the same time, it's enough to lose your sanity. Another problem we had was when you connect a trailer, then get in the truck to drive off, the trailer becomes unmovable, the cable extends to its limit, then disconnects. Reverse up, reconnect, drive off, disconnect, reverse up, reconnect, drive off, disconnect, reverse up, connect using the other cable (ie instead of using the cable from the truck into the trailer, go the other way - use the trailer into the truck) - oh wait, that works. What? Another problem when I was getting in and out of trucks as often as I had to tonight, sometimes I press F and enter the truck. Other times I press F and pick up the seat. Thinking on it now, maybe I held shift, but if I really wanted to pick up the seat, I click the mouse. Not Press F. Pressing F gets in the truck, not picks up the seat. I mean, oh MY GOD. I really want to reiterate that driving with a drill on it needs a new system of drill control. You need to be able to control it AND see where you're going. Please. Another problem, when you get out of the rover seat you get flung into the sky. Most of the time you land on the seat and you're ok, but occasionally it kills you. And it shouldn't need to do this at all. Just put me next to the truck. I don't have an ejector seat or a cannon. Another problem I touch on later on is when you have a (large rover) with a drill, and you drive through resources, and it harvests those resources, it places it on every location it can except storage. It's in the name: Storage. It should be where those resources go. I expect it to prioritise like this: - Medium storage placed on large storage - Medium storage placed on back of vehicle - Medium storage placed on any trailer vehicles - Medium storage placed on front of main vehicle - Medium storage placed on end of rear vehicle - Anywhere else. The game seems to think the reverse is better. I've even seen it DROP resources rather than place it on medium storage. SHUTTLES Still coming under vehicles, so not a new section, but a subheading I built a large shuttle. I placed a rover seat on the second rung from the top. I got into it. I got out of it. It puts me on top of the shuttle. I almost died getting down. I moved the seat to the fourth rung from the top (ie the bottom rung), and got in. When I got out, it sent me to the earth's core. What am I supposed to do with my small shuttle and my medium shuttle once I build my large shuttle? I tried to shred, too big. I even packed it. Too big. Bury it? I mean, really? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- BUILDINGS In my single player game, when I press F for my researching table, the display flickers up, but then it goes black. I close it, reopen it, it flickers up, and then it goes black. Eventually I do it enough that I can read each piece of information that I'm looking for. Cable plugs. I touched on this for vehicles, but they really deserve their own category. Why oh why will they not snap to the nearest plug? They flicker around like an unhooked hose with too much water pressure. You just can't get them to click into place. And then when you least expect it to work, it just does. Other times, you can't for the life of you click A into B. It looks like it reaches, even goes past. It has a good angle, almost straight, but it just won't go in. But B goes straight into A. Sometimes it feels like two way cables are one way cables. On that note, why do one way cables even exist? I had one occasion when A wouldn't go into B, B wouldn't go into A, even though they were right next to each other, and as straight as a pin. I had to move one of the tables to make it work. Cables, man. They have one job. They really don't have multi function options, just cable into plug. Why doesn't it just work? The Large Storage colour system is horrible. The dark grey looks so bleak and hides darker resources such as zinc or carbon, especially in dim light after dusk. And then the medium storage has the same colour scheme making the problem twice as bad. Please make the bases white again. Speaking of medium storages, why are they not the default deposit location? If I place a medium storage on a building, say the smelter, and then place a laterite on the smelter itself, it will ALWAYS dump straight onto the one slot on the other side, rather than place it on the medium storage. So frustrating. I refer you to the last point of vehicles, also. Soil Centrifuge Sometimes the canister outline disappears and you have to place the canister manually, instead of just single clicking the outline. Trade Platform The trade platform does not automatically pick up and place back down scrap as you scroll through the options. The printers can do it for variable resources. The trade platform only has to deal with scrap! Having said that, I have seen one occurrence with a problem with the printers picking resources: If you have the medium printer and the small printer both on the same Large Platform B, and both printers need resin for their print, the medium printer seems to take the resin in priority over the small printer, even if you're trying to print from the small printer. Clicking resources onto buildings This has been a problem since pre-alpha, how is this still in the game? Why is it so hard sometimes, to place a resource onto a building? You move it across, it looks like it will snap to point, you click, and it drops on the ground. Or it just moves to seven different snap points instead of the one you're clearly trying to highlight... Smelting Furnace Three problems I've seen so far with the smelter. 1. There was a partial smelt left on the nozzle, and when it came off it became a permanent physics object that could not be interacted with 2. A partial smelt that landed on a medium storage that could not be removed 3. On several occasions smelts that landed under a medium storage instead of ON the medium storage, taking my point even one step farther. Medium Shredder What's the point of a medium shredder? Genuinely? It shreds only the tiniest things. Does it have better scrap output or anything? Because otherwise, what's the point of a medium shredder? Extra Large Platform A and B This is really more of a feedback than a problem, but I was seriously disappointed with their versatility options. They seemed SO limited, given they are at the top of the platform food chain. I was disappointed with B, firstly, because it wasn't flat. But at least it still has some purpose. I was extremely disappointed with A because it seems that the only value added was with placing an Extra Large Storage, which I haven't even built yet because it's all single and huge and angular - making it (seemingly) hard to access. I really hoped that I could put two buildings on ELP A and those two buildings would interact with each other, but they did not. Like, if I put a soil centrifuge next to a smelter, I wanted the smelter to take the clay from the soil centrifuge..... but nothing worked at all, and if you have two buildings on it there's no room for medium storages. Also, two large storages on it just get in each other's way once you put medium storages on. So, huge disappointment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OBJECTS Tethers Sometimes when you place a tether it just disappears It's possible to place two tethers within each other. When you're walking you have no idea if a placed tether will place behind you or in front of you. Consistency is key. Beacons I haven't used beacons as much as I would have liked, but typically they're really hard to see, and this is both at close and short range. Yet, you can see your beacons on another planet just fine Corpse beacons? Don't even get me started. You need some kind of directional beacon to find your corpse, please. Backpack Last night when I was in my solo game, my backpack printer just started flickering, and wouldn't stop - no matter how many times I opened or closed it or changed print choice. Small Wind Generators No matter how you try, you cannot line up the cable/plugs on these things. You can't see how much you're turning it and half the time after you put it down if you pick it up again it just resets the position. Huge time waster. Small Generator Same problem as above, but also sometimes when you press F to turn it on, you pick it up instead. I want click to be my pickup, shift click to be pick up to backpack, and F to be my activate key. Please don't mix the three by having shift F the same as shift click. Extenders Why the heck are they one way transfers? I wasted so much power because I didnt recognise that quickly Winch Ignoring the difficulty of working out how to connect a winch to anything - it runs contrary to all other items in the game, and there is NO clue whatsoever - sometimes it also won't let go. And trying to pick up a winch when it's connected to something? Well I hope you didn't spend twelve minutes lining that huge solar panel JUST perfectly....... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL ISSUES Walking on the ground can fling you into the sky. I can't work out why. Sometimes it happens even in your base. It usually flings you high enough that you die. On one occasion it flung me INTO ORBIT, and I had to try and navigate a good place to die. I originally assumed I had walked on something bad, like a lashleaf. But this proved incorrect. Then I assumed maybe I had walked onto ground that once held those vents (maybe I dug it, it exploded, but the effect remained on the soil.) This was not the case. Maybe there was something just UNDER the soil. Also not the case. It is absolutely, completely, absurdly, random. It has happened to me and my friends. It has happened in singleplayer and multiplayer. Please do NOT advise me this is a feature. If it is a feature, please kindly remove it. Detritus Platforms Love them. Hate them. Can't trash em. Can't destroy em. Can only bury them. I hate them. I love finding stuff on them, but I hate the thing itself. Let us throw them into large shredders PLEASE Also, always medium B. No variety at all! Camera Viewpoint So I have a few issues here. 1. Sometimes it just changes for no reason. I set it, I walk around, I don't do anything outrageous, it changes viewpoint. I change it back. Urgh. 2. If i am in a confined space it has no idea what to do. If I am digging in a confined space I always end up digging downward when I dont want to. 3. Windowed fullscreen - if I touch the edge of my screen, especially if I am digging, it spirals out of control. 4. I like to scroll out, fully zoomed. I constantly have to zoom out again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Please give us some way to set a preference or something? Battling with the viewpoint gives me complex issues, and a sore mouse hand. Sound Issues I mentioned in the multiplayer section some sound issues (sound crossover), but I have also experienced other sound issues. One memorable problem occurs in caves, where you hear a sound, say in your left ear, but if you turn a full circle you still always hear it in your left ear. Directional sound is broken. I use Bose QC25's (they are not wireless). It's not the headphones. I've also noticed volume issues with some sounds coming in much louder than usual in niche situations (which I can't begin to outline) That's all I can recall for now. Please appreciate that I put a lot of time and effort into this.
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    Trapped in my shelter

    version 1.0.9 steam I wanted to print something with my medium printer. My rover was in the way. I jumped into the rover, pressed S to move it in reverse, and jumped out after doing so, before the rover was stopped. The rover moved on just a little more, and my astroneer landed on/in the shelter. My view of the world became enlarged and very limited. I could see half my astroneer, from inside my astroneer, which was also inside and outside my shelter. I tried to move, but all I got was a running animation in standing place. I could jump upwards, and fall downwards, but not move in any direction at all. I cannot enter my shelter, or the nearby rovers. I even tried to dance, which was slightly amusing from the viewpoint of the hands at the waist level. I took three screenshots to prove how bad it is. I quit to main menu, and reloaded the game, but I am still stuck. So I quit the game and came here My single player save game is ruined, and my progress will be lost.
  3. Bluebehir

    Trapped in my shelter

    cant zoom in or out. Cursor cannot interact with rovers or other objects. Digging and building under me didn't affect me. But inviting a friend might be worth a try. Thanks. Maybe he can kill me with dynamite.
  4. Bluebehir

    Trapped in my shelter

    I can dig, and I can raise the ground, but neither frees me. I can emote, but I don't move from the spot, even in a dance. I can run on the spot, forward or backward, and I can sidestep on the spot. I can look around. I cannot interact with any rovers or buildings. If I click, I seem to bring up my backpack, but all I can see of it is a huge black circle. If I click again, it restores to my previously messed up state.
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    Trapped in my shelter

    This is me in running mode
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    How many resources stick (to something else)?

    the winch sticks to anything, and then things can stick the winch
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    Gameplay Feedback - Steam - W10

    The four tabs in the research page ARE the printer it prints from. Backpack, small, medium, large. If you look closely, the tabs have a picture of the printer itself. Maybe that will make your life a little easier
  8. Have you been sent into orbit yet? That's when it actually becomes funny
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    1.0 Feedback and Future Ideas

    Or your stuff could get so broken you have to scrap them and build a new one. It still adds an element of management to the game. I totally agree with most points in the OP, especially the desire for research items to occasionally, randomly, just unlock a new researchable item. maybe you can only get them from small technology researchables or something. Instead of getting 700 bytes over three minutes, it takes three minutes and unlocks "improved battery life" or "jet pack" or "extra large shredder" or such.
  10. +1 to the OP. He makes fair points, he brings screenshots, and I gotta say it matches personal experience. Even when you drive through a field or open plain, you're guaranteed to drive straight at a ravine of some kind. It makes so little sense, and when you compound it with all the vehicle troubles that came with the game it's just frustrating. Easy planets should be easy to navigate. Hard planets should be hard to navigate. Simple concept.
  11. I need to expand on two things, and add one more. Debris It is so hard to transport debris. It has no way to click to socket, and you can't group things like that together. You have to carry them all independantly, or............ put the shredder on the truck and bring the shredder to the debris. A medium rover can only take a medium shredder but what is the point of that? You can only scrap half the debris, and you have to come back with a large rover and a large shredder anyway.... And don't forget that the scrap won't end up on your medium storage, it will be on the front of your rover, or next to your seat, or on the ground instead. Why put debris in the game that can't be shredded? Just give us an extra large shredder. So the two things I need to expand on are the Extra Large Platform B and Extenders. What I said about ELP B... "I was seriously disappointed with their versatility options. They seemed SO limited, given they are at the top of the platform food chain.I was disappointed with B, firstly, because it wasn't flat. But at least it still has some purpose" What I should have said next was... but it only has 2 port connectors and a bank of those above another, so if you use them for medium storage, it really gets quite cluttered. You can't use them for any functional buildings, like printers, because of the angle, height, and other obstacles on the actual platform. You can't put 4-point buildings on them at all - which would have made a nice bank of functional buildings. you can put batteries on them, but no better than anywhere else. Same goes for wind turbines, which are no better or worse. Solar panels might be better, if you angle the platform always into the sun, oh wait, you can't. The versatility of that building is seriously lacking. As for extenders what I said was "Why the heck are they one way transfers? I wasted so much power because I didnt recognise that quickly" This problem is exacerbated because sometimes you can't extend the cable the way you need to, and you think - like everything else - it's ok just to snap it in reverse. If it doesn't fit one way and does fit the other way, what the heck is happening with the cable system? And then you throw a one way power cable into the mix. When you combine a feature with a problem it becomes a confusing problem As you can tell, this is burning me up. I really want to love and play this game, but I have to quit for my own health.
  12. I want to add an extra problem that I have encountered. I was in a subterranean terrain, and I was digging my way up a mountain by smoothing a trail along the ridge line. I got to a certain point and I hit an invisible wall. I had already been past this point prior, and come back down. I managed to move sideways until the wall was gone, and proceeded past the point. On a future journey, I encountered the same invisible wall, but also a second invisible wall just beyond. In both cases I had to move sideways until I was past it. I have only encountered this problem in EXACTLY that location. (The mushroom cavern on Sylva) Bizarre. Not game breaking, but when you add it to the list above........ Also, I need to edit a line about the FPS, I want to say "when I play single player OR JOIN A MULTIPLAYER GAME, I get upwards of 178fps...."
  13. This has happened to me, and I believe I was also on Desolo when I was launched into orbit. But it happens all the time to me and my friend, and it doesn't matter if we're on the same planet, different planets, or even in single player mode. Most of the time you get launched just high enough that you don't die. Sometimes it bounces you only a tiny amount, but other times it launches you well higher than you can withstand and you die on impact. It's very frustrating.
  14. I have had this issue and more, and it made me quit the game
  15. I built a large space shuttle in a multiplayer game. My friend joined the game, and we wondered "hey can I put a rover seat on there and we can both fly together?" so I had a backpack full of gear. I had stuff like oxygenator, thruster, medium generator, medium battery, etc. The kind of stuff you think is special and you should take it to a new base with you. The kind of stuff you spend your last resources making because you're heading somewhere new. I placed the rover seat on the large shuttle. It was the second highest thing that it could carry. I got in. We both laughed. I pressed F, I got out and landed on top of the shuttle. I jumped down, it almost killed me. My friend did the same. We laughed. My friend suggested "hey, maybe if you put it on the lowest rung it won't do that." "Good idea" I thought. I rearranged it so that the rover seat was on the lowest rung. I got in, to test it. I got out............. and sank through the rocket, through the earth into the lowest chasm chamber in the centre of the planet. With all my stuff. And there I died. At this point, 1. I wanted that stuff back. 2. We needed to do the centre of the earth thing, so I felt it worthy to go for a search and rescue. I dug. And I dug. And I dug. And I built ramps that went further than you can see. Literally, you look back up, into black sky. I found the cavern, but then I was killed by popcoral or something, and goodbye stuff. I packed compound, and I searched the compass points two tether packs each. After that was done, and I had not found my gear, I gave up. I collected the malochite and the ammonium and such that I had gathered and walked back home. And then I saw this What once was a lovely tunnel with tethers is now invisible desynched viewable space. I looked in there, I saw to my right a field of laterite. I harvested to it, to prove what I was seeing was true. I harvested one laterite, brought it back and threw it at the tether. It bounced on the tunnel that I cannot see, which must truly exist. So I stepped forward. I was lunged into the sky, and I hit the ceiling somewhere and i landed in a new chamber, with only one hope, find a tether, which I did. But once I started following it, I was lunged into the sky again and this time I died, in an unknown chamber in an unknown direction. I ran back down from respawn, only to find my tether tunnel fully walled in, and tethers running into the soil. I started to dig. No hope. I turned around, and turned back, and the tunnel was there. I started to run down the tunnel, and there was more desynch, to the point where I lost my direction, stepped into a tiny glitch of nothing, and sank into the earth into a new unknown chamber I died again and again, and I'm done. I should have been having a pleasant journey to another planet, and I just frustratingly fell into the earth's core to my detriment. Fantastic launch, Astroneer.
  16. I couldnt launch the shuttle until I put the printer back on the ground. That was a little odd.
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    Buggy power meter not updating

    This frustrated the heck out of me today. Even when I gave it a burst of power, it didn't fix the issue. (Steam)
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    Steam - Audio bug

    I have had this very problem, but with things like cave inhabitants. I hear something - such as fauna releasing gas, and no matter which way I face it is in my left ear. Another wierd sound issue was that whenever anyone opened or closed their research tab, (two other players) I could hear it as if I had just performed the action. We restarted the session, and then one of the other two players could also hear it when I opened the research tab (and I could still hear for one player but not the other) It was odd
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    Terrain Bugs on Multiplayer

    Similar problems. Player 1 hosts, I am player 2. After an indeterminate time, the plates of the world start misaligning by half a centimetre, allowing me to see into the core of the planet. Sometimes I can "fix" it by digging over it. On one occasion I was driving a tractor and two trailers and the world opened up and swallowed me whole. Left everything deep within the earth. On one occasion i dropped half a body length into the ground but jumped up and out in time. On one occasion I drove a buggy, it started to sink, so I jumped out of the buggy. Player 1 had to dig it out of the ground Player 3 also had similar issues where he could see into the core of the world. On day 2, he ran around to check some of these occurrences, most were gone, but one still existed and I could also see it, while player 1 could not. I jumped through that hole into the cave below. (I managed to return alive.) On day 3, I hosted instead, so that player 1 could have some of these troubles instead of me. (and he did)
  20. This is only a problem with small shuttles, but we worked around it. By the time we went to the second planet, we had a medium shuttle, in which we could take a landing bay. The medium shuttle lands, takes out and places the landing bay, and then I (in a smaller shuttle) land on the landing bay. Later on we had a third player join, so he built a medium shuttle (because why not), I lifted my shuttle off the landing bay, and then he landed on the landing bay. Landing bays are awesome.
  21. Rovers are now more capable at navigating small holes, so just level the edges out a bit when you dig them
  22. Some bugs that I have seen, including some I've seen listed but with more indepth results. RESEARCH At first there was no problem, but I did *something* and then all my research pods permanently floated. I could just move them around, and they would remain exactly where I left them, with no impact from gravity. However, collision impacted them. If I hit one research pod with another research pod they would bounce and then move (slowly, but almost frictionless.) Later, it became mixed. Some float, and some do not. Also, the ones I take from crash sites often make a sound to suggest it's continually trying to land on the ground, even though it remains on the ground. The sound disappears when I pick it up, and returns when I place it again. Researching pods was frustratingly slow to find some important features, such as "medium storage". I had to research well over 100 times before I found this. I still cannot build a habitat, but I have a fully loaded large shuttle. I am hoping research 2.0 removes all of these concerns. ITEMS I placed a hydrazine cannister on the ground, and it slipped into the earth and I could not find it. Many days later, a storm left me a miniature hydrazine cannister. (Thanks storm!) Very hard to repeat this problem, so cannot expand further. When I load my save game I often find a single granule of power in certain locations - backpack, rover, base etc. They supply no power so I drop them. They do not despawn. Today I invited a friend into my game, and he saw these nubs as a full pack of power. (We discovered this when he presented a different problem via screenshot). So if I picked it up, moved it, etc, I saw a single nub of power, he saw a full power pack. He put it into his backpack, and I still saw a single nub of power. However, the instant he used his terraform gun with inhibitor mod, it visually changed to a full pack of power. At this point, it prevented loss of power and he could inhibit indefinitely. We interacted with it a lot (passing it to each other, dropping it, placing it on base, repeat) and at some point it behaved like (and appeared as) normal power. At that point, all other nubs of power on the ground despawned. tethers, work lights, air filters can appear in your backpack upside down. This can be from creation, or from shift-click pickup. click and replace will return it to standard. ROVERS I've only driven small rover at this point. When it works, it's amazing. Wheels stay below me, sky stays above me, I can drive up hills, and even jump over them! But when it doesn't work like that..... Sometimes I press W and the rover drives backwards. I can't turn it around no matter how I press my keys or move my camera. I just have to drive in reverse. Sometimes, and especially when I load a research pod, if I press W, I just wheelstand right onto the back of the rover. Why? I cannot say. There are other quirks, but these are the biggest ones. SEATS When I was in reverse on the rover, I decided to just move the seat into the opposite end. However, when I took the seat off, the only place it would snaplock to is the place it came from. I could not place the seat in the other position. This problem transferred to Large Shuttle. I built an enclosed 1 seat onto it, it placed it where I wanted, but reversed - so that the flat edge was outside the spaceship and the door was facing the middle of the spaceship. I wanted to flip it around, but found it would only snaplock back to that same place. So I grabbed the 1 seat from the rover, and took off the enclosed one seat. I placed the rover seat onto the spaceship (it snaplocked to the same place, would go no other place.) Now I took the enclosed one seat, and placed it on the other side of the large shuttle. It went where I wanted it to go, facing the correct way (curved outside, flat inside). I took the rover seat back, and everything was great. When I reload, it's wrong again. SOUNDS I play with no music. I only hear sound effects. Sometimes when I'm digging out a wall the sound of the terraforming gun disappears. If I let go the mouse button and restart the terraform, sound returns. Sometimes storms give no cue, and you only realise a storm is coming when the rocks hit you. Speaking of rocks, the rock sound effect is about four times louder than anything else in the game. Correct to have it loud and overwhelming, but too much. As said earlier, some research pods "bounce" on the ground, if you listen to the sound. The worst sound glitch has to do with Ammonium. Sometimes when I place Ammonium on the Ammonium refinery (as if I was about to load it into cannisters), if I walk away it creates a location based sound near my habitat. The sound is a roaring pressure-based noise that is constant, loud, and gets louder as I get closer to it. If I remove the ammonium, the sound disappears. FLORA You know those plants that spike you if you get too close? I believe that I killed some, and then accidentally picked up and dropped two spores in the same location. Later on, two more of those plants had grown (working as intended) but I could not kill those plants no matter how much earth I dug out. MULTIPLAYER In all of these, I was host. 1. My friend's game crashed while he was running forward. His character stopped running, but continued walking very slowly. He filled out a crash report, and eventually his dude exploded. 2. My friend died from lack of oxygen while he was not only tethered but also had oxygen in his backpack. 3. My friend crashed approximately four times in the space of an hour. 4. Once when I was sliding down the ramp, when I hit the bottom I slightly entered the ground, and then could not jump out. I could not jump at all. When I used movement keys, I began to spin visually to myself and my friend. I would move very slowly in the direction I was holding, but still rotating as if on a merry go round. Eventually, I accidentally clicked a cannister from my gun, which dropped, I picked it up and that rescued me from my plight. This happened twice more in random situations, and using my backpack seemed to help. 5. My friend was in the cave using his inhibitor to test it, it was draining power from his backpack. This power was being replenished via tether lines and my base was solar powered. I was standing outside looking over my base at the time. I saw the power being sourced from my sediment plant instead of my solar panel. He saw power travelling along the tethers, except not the one he was attached to. This was not repeatable. Lastly, when I quit to desktop, Astro-Win64-Shipping.exe remains running. Also, this. This is how my friend saw my character at one point. You'll see also a pack of power on the ground behind us, he saw that as a pack of power, I saw that as a single nub of power.
  23. I have played Astroneer for over a hundred hours now, and I think I have a sense of what I like about Astroneer, and what I'd like to see included in the published game. Note that I didn't think all of these things for myself, I read some of these ideas in the forums. (Just in case those people actually read this post!) I also have a sense of the Roadmap for the game (so glad that it got updated) and so I would like to present my thoughts on this also. Be warned, this will not be an exciting / entertaining post for the general public (I'm hoping a dev will read it tho!) 1. Game options: Firstly, I would like it when I changed game settings, that they persist. Right now, I have to disable game music every time I launch. (I love the concept that I launch this game.) I expect that gaming options will increase as the game increases. Allow us to choose which features we use, when we play "offline single player", as an example. 2. Base features: I would love the ability to build some or all of the following things as extensions to my base. Storage Vaults - building this base option would give two medium storages (probably called a large storage) the size of a medium rover with two medium storages. Obviously, less mobile. Requires no energy to use, but probably costs some expensive resources. If things get super-sophisticated, it could be enclosed and lockable with a passcode, or owner/player permissions or something. Shuttle Landing Pad - a place to automatically land when you choose this base as a landing location. Not available if filled. Remove the Vehicle Bay as a landing location. Could be used to transfer hydrazine to the tank, or other cool features like programming your shuttle console or AI or stuff like that. Oh man. Did I just come up with an AI shuttle idea!? Radar - Building a radar in your base gives you the chance to use a (static) 3D holo map of your planet, showing planet surface, and manmade features such as bases, beacons, rovers and shuttles and possibly tethers. Updates every 15 seconds or something (when in use, consumes a lot of power), to show moving vehicles and stuff. Lets you find trucks you left lying around the planet Satellite Dish - (possibly including a radio as well?) gives the ability to send or receive intergalactic (ie other player) based messages. Perhaps allowing players to use trading platform to trade specifically with other players. Possibly allowing a player to find and even fly to other player's save games (ahem, I mean, solar systems), or make yours accessible to other players! Having zero satellite dishes built in your base would be the easiest way to lock yourself into a single player "offline" mode. Or perhaps, choosing to play "single player offline" would remove this as an option to build! Large, and Extra Large solar panels. For those heavy use power features. When you REALLY need a lot of power. And we will need a lot of power. (I seriously hope so.) Permanent fixed connections - for example, attach my small rover to this base pad, and never let it be removed. Attach the other end to this [any discovered technology brought back to base], never let it be disconnected. Well, maybe I can have the option to d/c it at some point, but right now it's locked and doesn't leave or fly away, or move around too much. Or maybe just directly connect the [newly discovered alien technology] straight into my base! Give me back my rover! This would have to be researched and built - probably on a large printer. I would like to be able to move or disassemble (for scrap?) base components I built already. Not in error, I just changed my mind. I've increased the scope of my plans. That's all. I *meant* this to go here, but now..... I need to remove it ok? I mean, I thought I would need two printers side by side, but clearly I don't. It was a mistake ok? PLEASE? 3. Beacons and labels I reeeeeally want features for my beacon once I have placed it. Let me choose the colour of its visible pulse, give it a name or - at the very least - a choice of iconography. (Exclamation mark, question mark, numbers 0-9, or a capital letter, or something else uniquely identifying. Even if you design a system and draw your own icons.) When I place a beacon I want to be able to remember a week later what it was for! Or when I have placed 25 different beacons, and I will, I want to find the one I'm looking for with urgency and accuracy. I would also like to be able to label bases. "Home" or "outpost" or "compound" or "caves" or anything that gives it an identity. Perhaps these labels can only be read on the holo map, if you like. Get creative. Just give me possibilities please. 4. Vehicles Please please please let me lock features onto my vehicles. If I place a wind generator on the front of my large rover, the last thing I want is it to fall off when I drive past a base pad. I probably need the ability to unlock it later on, but let me lock it so I don't lose it! Or just turn off the "auto-connect" feature, and make that something I need to choose to do when I want to connect to a base. (Similarly, I don't want base features to auto-connect if I have something attached to it, such as a small solar panel.) Grader / scoop: Speaking of locking things onto the front of my large rover, I'd love a grader that can flatten the land ahead of me, building a super highway the perfect width of a large rover. Or wait. Did you implement the "Wide" feature!? OMG. My brain just imploded. I shall make a green and red two-lane highway around my planet. I'd also love a scoop. The ability to directly move earth from A to B. Or to build a huge mound of dirt, or a moat, or... well, you know. Shaping Terrain while still driving my truck. All of the options. All possibilities. You could even have a terrain analyser fitted to the back of the truck, and have it save a huge Holo Map of data to my satellite dish or base radar. I will have ALL the resources! Small Radar. Imagine driving along in your medium rover, and you've installed a small radar, and that transmits to your space suit holo-visor (ie, the PC's monitor) a small map of what lies ahead of you, changing in real time as you drive. This would instantly be the greatest driving game ever made. PS. Small rovers need to be faster than large rovers. PS. Imagine fitting the thin mod to a small rover and ending up with a motorcycle sized thing. Imagine how fun that could be. Medium Shuttle flight. I have an incredible wishlist here. In the vision of my dreams, I can control the jets (rockets?) of my shuttle. This allows me to change direction in flight and uses hydrazine based on how many jets/rockets are in use over time. If this is initiated, I could fly my shuttle around my planet without going orbital. I could fly from THIS shuttle bay over to THAT shuttle bay, refuel, and fly over to *there* and build a new base (with a new landing bay) just there! To get complicated, I could attach things to my shuttle. Now I can use my shuttle with a terrain analyser, or I can make a highway with my grader attached (assuming I don't crash!) I could attach a winch to my shuttle and bring back amazing new alien technology or shuttle parts that I found around the planet! With the winch on my shuttle I could connect to my medium rover for search and rescue missions. OMG I can't wait. Orbital travel. If you were to allow the medium shuttle to fly around the planet, I could easily recognise that only a large shuttle can go into orbit. Or maybe both, but only a large shuttle can fly into other solar systems. Etc. But the large shuttle should be superior in ways other than pure storage. I wouldn't allow a large shuttle to fly around this planet without going into orbit, though. However, orbital travel needs improvements! Right now, you're locked into a single axis of travel in the path of the planet's rotation. Please separate the direction of travel and the axis of rotation so that we can use our rockets to change our path around the planet. This allows us to access and even SEE the stuff around the planet with ease. It might make our head spin a little, but we need it to expand our horizons. (Literally, and metaphorically!) Once you have done this, you can easily create a jetpack. Takes a large part of your pack (if not all), uses Hydrazine, has a short duration of flight time, but is very mobile and quick. I'm thinking Star Wars Pod Racing might be in Astroneer's future! (Imagine the first player to build a planetside race track, allow players to arrive on this planet, charge admission for entry, and submit results across the galaxies!) Space Trains. I really want to lay track (with functional points, crossovers, flyovers, tunnels, signals with electronic programmable circuitry, stations with platforms, yards, loading or docking bays, the works. Let me build the train network of my desires.) Space Trains will need locomotives, passenger carriages, cargo carriages, energy storage, all of the things. If this is done properly, this game will be the best sim-train game ever made. 5. Planetary things Biomes and more Biomes. Gaseous planets. Fiery planets. Volcanos. Ice. Waterworld. Cavernous worlds, solid worlds, and everything else. Changing state of land over time. - Solar Flare. - Solar and Lunar Eclipses - Windstorms that have different effects, sometimes unearthing unfound resource locations, or stealing things not latched down. - Raging Fires in flammable biomes - Snowstorms, sleet, rain, avalanches, and other weather conditions (night?) - Animals must react to weather and biomes appropriately - Energy gathering must also react appropriately. Wind Generator should be insane in a windstorm! Currently it sits dead and dormant. Imagine discovering a planet that was like prehistoric Earth! Active Volcanos, huge leafy trees, breathable air. DINOSAURS. Condensors making water. Uh oh. Polar Ice Caps! Travel between solar systems. I don't just want "more planets" and more types, I want more solar systems. Let me try intergalactic space travel. Let me map the stars! Let me see stars in the sky! Do they have planets? We must know! Let me discover solar systems already inhabited by other players, or let me announce where mine is to the galaxy, allowing others to fly in. (At that point, the system would need to be controlled server side, up to you beforehand.) Let me chase comets, fly through black holes and lose my entire system! Wait. That might be bad. Star Trek: Astroneer. 6. Small things. Rope. Use it to climb mountains, drag a sled, tie down your flying rovers. You know. Everything. Abseil into dark caverns and climb out again. Binoculars. See farther than your actual visual range (rather than just magnify your current visual range). Walky Talkies, allows in game communication with people on the same planet Food. Hydrazine Storage tanks. Automated farms. Animal traps AI Robots that maintain your base or collect your compound 7. Systems I can't wait for the additional features, such as food, water, farming, animals, taming of pets. (I want a dinosaur.) I can't wait for automation and programmable circuitry. I can't wait for space trains. And solar systems. 8. Player interaction. I do *not* want PVP. I *would* like races. I *do* want to visit other people's solar systems and/or planets. I *would* like to have the option to invite people into my world, or remain oblivious. I *would* like to have the ability to communicate with other players in game even if they are not in my game. I *would* like real time real economic player based trading. One that sets prices based purely on demand and supply of resources from players. You set up what you need, what you have to trade, what you would pay, what you desire for your goods. Minimum offers, best offers, etc. This could literally be self-sustainable. It would be *even* better if planets randomly had or didn't have the rarest of materials, so that you needed to travel around for the best trade locations. (Imagine being that guy who builds a planet sized trading system! Oh man. That would be awesome.) And maybe in the end, it will be compound that's most valuable. Or maybe that will be the standard price unit. Maybe the devs already have all of this on their list, but hopefully I germinated at least one idea. Just expanding on my trading base idea, imagine a base with like, twenty trading platforms, two large storage vaults, and AI robots that could collect X resources of type Y for you. Other Robots could be programmed to take all resources off your landing trade platforms and place them in storage
  24. Bluebehir

    Opinions on Worklights, people

    The first one seems to be a workaround, the second one seems a legit purpose. However, it's fair to assume people want these to be flexible in functionality. We want to be creative and discover ways to use them, not be pigeon holed into doing something specific and limiting.