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  1. cant zoom in or out. Cursor cannot interact with rovers or other objects. Digging and building under me didn't affect me. But inviting a friend might be worth a try. Thanks. Maybe he can kill me with dynamite.
  2. I can dig, and I can raise the ground, but neither frees me. I can emote, but I don't move from the spot, even in a dance. I can run on the spot, forward or backward, and I can sidestep on the spot. I can look around. I cannot interact with any rovers or buildings. If I click, I seem to bring up my backpack, but all I can see of it is a huge black circle. If I click again, it restores to my previously messed up state.
  3. version 1.0.9 steam I wanted to print something with my medium printer. My rover was in the way. I jumped into the rover, pressed S to move it in reverse, and jumped out after doing so, before the rover was stopped. The rover moved on just a little more, and my astroneer landed on/in the shelter. My view of the world became enlarged and very limited. I could see half my astroneer, from inside my astroneer, which was also inside and outside my shelter. I tried to move, but all I got was a running animation in standing place. I could jump upwards, and fall
  4. the winch sticks to anything, and then things can stick the winch
  5. The four tabs in the research page ARE the printer it prints from. Backpack, small, medium, large. If you look closely, the tabs have a picture of the printer itself. Maybe that will make your life a little easier
  6. Have you been sent into orbit yet? That's when it actually becomes funny
  7. Or your stuff could get so broken you have to scrap them and build a new one. It still adds an element of management to the game. I totally agree with most points in the OP, especially the desire for research items to occasionally, randomly, just unlock a new researchable item. maybe you can only get them from small technology researchables or something. Instead of getting 700 bytes over three minutes, it takes three minutes and unlocks "improved battery life" or "jet pack" or "extra large shredder" or such.
  8. +1 to the OP. He makes fair points, he brings screenshots, and I gotta say it matches personal experience. Even when you drive through a field or open plain, you're guaranteed to drive straight at a ravine of some kind. It makes so little sense, and when you compound it with all the vehicle troubles that came with the game it's just frustrating. Easy planets should be easy to navigate. Hard planets should be hard to navigate. Simple concept.
  9. I need to expand on two things, and add one more. Debris It is so hard to transport debris. It has no way to click to socket, and you can't group things like that together. You have to carry them all independantly, or............ put the shredder on the truck and bring the shredder to the debris. A medium rover can only take a medium shredder but what is the point of that? You can only scrap half the debris, and you have to come back with a large rover and a large shredder anyway.... And don't forget that the scrap won't end up on your medium storage, it will be on the fron
  10. I want to add an extra problem that I have encountered. I was in a subterranean terrain, and I was digging my way up a mountain by smoothing a trail along the ridge line. I got to a certain point and I hit an invisible wall. I had already been past this point prior, and come back down. I managed to move sideways until the wall was gone, and proceeded past the point. On a future journey, I encountered the same invisible wall, but also a second invisible wall just beyond. In both cases I had to move sideways until I was past it. I have only encountered this problem in EXACTLY that loca
  11. This has happened to me, and I believe I was also on Desolo when I was launched into orbit. But it happens all the time to me and my friend, and it doesn't matter if we're on the same planet, different planets, or even in single player mode. Most of the time you get launched just high enough that you don't die. Sometimes it bounces you only a tiny amount, but other times it launches you well higher than you can withstand and you die on impact. It's very frustrating.
  12. I have had this issue and more, and it made me quit the game
  13. Summary: More problems than I can honestly portray. I will do my best to keep an even temper, because I completely lost it tonight while playing. Description: I really want to love this game. I do. I ignore them for the most part, but sometimes they get so big, it breaks the enjoyment. Below is a list of the problems I can remember having in the last two to three days. There were probably more, but once you get a list like this, things get lost. I didn't write them down as they occurred, because I hoped 1.0 would be a polished product. I am sorely disappointed. Platform: Steam