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  1. Moderation notice: This user is not a member of the staff and has been banned for trying to impersonate a developer. This post will be removed soon. Here are the main rules of the forum. 1. We will not tolerate toxic behavior- Anyone caught being toxic will receive consequences. 2. We will not tolerate rudeness to others on the forum- If you are caught being mean to others, there will be consequences. 3. The forums are English only- Your posts must be in English. You may create groups and you and your other forum friends may speak in those groups, the same rules apply to those groups! 4. Users are permitted to only one forum account- Users caught using multiple forum accounts will receive a ban on all accounts. 5. Staff and Moderators have the final word in what is and what isn't allowed- Failure to listen to the moderators and staff will result in consequences. All moderator/staff decisions are final. 6. Spamming is not allowed- Users caught spamming will be permanently banned from the forum.