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    System Era Vlog #01 - New Office

    Nice! Looks like the north end of Lake Union near Fremont. Look forward to seeing your progress on the space.
  2. LFP_Astroneer

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    Thank you very much for sharing this project with us. Outstanding work!
  3. Hello SES, Great game. Really enjoying it! I play exclusively on Xbox One and have found using the terraforming tool a challenge. I certainly don't expect the level of fine detailed control you have when using a keyboard/mouse but it for sure requires a learning curve to use it well with the sticks. One of the more challenging aspects is getting the center dot of the targeting cursor on the right starting ploygon when attempting to flatten terrain. I think it would be very helpful if the center dot of the cursor was a different color other than green. Initially it could be red, or yellow, or white, etc. In the future, perhaps make the color of that center dot a selectable option in settings. Thanks!
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    Xbox 1 sub-forum?