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  1. Great list of patch notes and i'm sure we appreciate the humour you put in there as well. Definitely like what i'm seeing
  2. Ashton187


    Chill pal, its EA. Just appreciate the fundamental basic game design features and understand that optimisation will come.
  3. Ashton187

    CPU Core 1 Higher Load than 2 through 8

    Have either of you tried forcing the the affinity to all cores? You can use Process Lasso (IIRC) that will allow you to force all cores on game load without doing it manually each time.
  4. Ashton187

    Quick Base Building Tips!

    The batteries are there to be used during the night and the generators i use are solar ones, so during the day they power everything. I've revised the design a lot and also made a new layout.
  5. Shame this hasn't sparked any conversation
  6. Ashton187

    Quick Base Building Tips!

    Hey KariedAway, Here is a full base layout design for you (Image courtesy of /u/mr-octo_squid from reddit.) - The best way to do the layout is to just extend with the nodes first before placing anything down. It'll take you 28 Resin to fully lay it out and then 16 more to make the crafting stations so a total of 44 Resin for the full base setup.
  7. Ashton187

    Quick Base Building Tips!

    When you start out and you spawn (Or place a habitat), try and extend the base from the North, South, East and West first. This will take 4 Resin. Once you've done this expand them again in a straight line, another 4 Resin. After you have expanded the 2nd time just design as you see fit. The reason for this is the first extension from the Habitat is the best place to put the bigger power generators (Solar, Wind, Coal, Normal Generator), this in turn allows you to feed all structures on the network. Here is a very crude example - Crafting structures act as a "END" peice, so power can't flow past them or from them, just to them. The habitat as far as i can tell acts as a central distrobution hub, so power can flow through it. Also if you plan out your design after the first row of nodes have been placed, you can build crafting stations mid way down the line Another crude drawing - Hope this helps!
  8. No idea how to use this forum...... It actually wouldn't be to difficult to balance at all. If you make the materials to benefit high enough then the incentive is there but the cost is the boundary. Someone new to the game might not be willing to part with 10 units of titanium for a 1x research rate increase for example. Also it might be a good idea to completely remove the goodie boxes from trees and instead restrict them to wreaks, caves and ruins. Oh i really like that idea. The ability to vacuum up the wildlife and plop them in like a Garden of Eden type bubble. Will create a mini game in it self, organics to feed them, power to keep the oxygen going and if either of them 2 fail they die. I never played No Mans Sky so i have no idea about the context within that game, i just thought that the above features would fit well within their theme without straying to far from what they are trying to make.
  9. Hey all, i'd like to give a little feedback on my play experience so far (Also posted this on reddit When attached to a tether items should be able to travel down the tether to empty storage that are connected to the node network. You could balance this by making it a unlock via research and requiring power. Research should take substantially longer. I understand its EA, but i feel just dumping the goodie box into the research station and pressing a RNG roll button doesn't feel rewarding. I want to plop the goodie box down, go off mining or what ever and come back to something cool. Maybe add a minigame element, say a simple puzzle that if completed rewards you like normal but if done within a time limit gives you an increased chance of a better schematic. Ability to build structures over the crafting stations. Houses, warehouses and so on, just some additional structures to make it feel like a building game. What i don't mean is Minecraft, but using your current system with nodes and so on. A great example would be a storage warehouse where you could place the initial structure down and have nodes inside the building which you can attach different tiers of storage to. The ability to lay roads to allow for faster movement on planets. Nothing at the moment is more annoying then finding a cool cave, marking it and having to dodge the terrain back and forth when dropping off resources. The ability to flatten the terrain and place a "road" would be great. Use items to increase rarity of research findings. The more rare the item, the higher the increase to rarity of the research. So for example if i put say 4 nuggets of titanium into the side sections of the research station and place a goodie box in there, that should give me 4x increase chance of getting some rare schematic. This allows the player to target top tier schematics if RNG has been against them. You could make it an addon to the research station and maybe make it require say 8 Titanium for 1x increased chance. FoV slider. In addition to this i would like to see a First Person camera mode as an option. Sometimes navigating caves in 3rd person can be troublesome and i feel the ability to switch in and out of first person could alleviate that. Bad weather prediction - maybe a weather station that requires constant power? I quite like the idea that as you progress in tech you become more controlling of your surroundings and since weather plays a big part i feel the ability to monitor that would be great. You could make a weather satellite that you could launch, uses fuel and has a shelf life before crashing back down, this could create an ability to refresh wreaks and provide an extra hazard. Passive wildlife to help make the world feel more alive. I don't really mind if the animals are not varied, but having some is better then none. You could make them into a resource, like say a space pig who you can vacuum "kill" to get the leather to help insulate your suit from storms/environmental effects. You could also make vanity pets to sell to the player for extra income, they would serve no other purpose then to look cute. Tooltips on what each planet type offers. You could make this into a knowledge based system, so the more you explore a planet type the more you learn and the better the description. You could incorporate this with a planetary scanner showing you the breakdown of minerals on the planet before landing. More weather variety. I know its EA, but its just Dust storms with rocks or with spiky balls etc. Would be great to have tornadoes, thunder storms or even Cthulhu attacks (j/k)! Make the storms effect your buildings by covering them with dirt, damaging them and even blowing resources to your base. You could even make the storms into a resources, so building things like a lightning pole, storm turbine and so on. Allowing you to generate a large proportion of power in a short period of time. On planet view, there needs to be indication of where your home planet is. With the selection of planets its quite easy to get lost in which planet is home. Maybe allow the player to rename the planets once they've achieved a certain criteria on that planet? Or you could have a "return to home" button on the spaceship that would just automatically take you home. When sucking resources some indication of what your sucking would be useful. I quite like the idea of a PH chart style scrolling text, so Ti for titanium would scroll somewhere near the character. I often found my self in a position where the game wouldn't tell me what resource was in front of me and i wouldn't know what i was sucking. Some form of scanner to help identify resources would be cool. You could make it craftable from research findings, use power and a mineral to scan. Maybe have a use limit or cooldown timer with an limited range. I'd like the ability to at the later points in the game target specific minerals. You could make seismic charges and place them like tethers apart from they pulse for x amount of minutes highlighting the resource type the seismic charge was made for. While exploration is fun, if your offering base building it needs to be more substantial then crafting tables. I don't feel the need to return to my home planet if the only footprint I've left is small crafting tables. Once i left the starting planet i flew to a couple of planets and saw that what ever i needed i could get from that planet and since it doesn't take that long to rebuild it makes the point of building bases less relevant. Remove the Oxygen and Energy flakes from caves. I find they make spelunking to easy but i understand why they are there. Maybe provide an alternative method to help ease the difficulty curve with caving? Maybe allow players to craft a rebreather to prolong your oxygen supply or maybe add water to caves allowing us to convert the water into energy and oxygen with a certain suit attachment? Low orbit vehicle. This would allow you to traverse a planet quicker then ground and open up the planet. You could make it so they don't really carry much materials and use a crazy amount of fuel to balance their usage.