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  1. Hi Mastartbenji, I had the same problem as you, as I had all the resources and resources but it would not be able to print. The fix I had was to move any objects in the area to a bit farther away, and that seemed to fix it. Just LMK if that does not work and I’ll give some other solutions.
  2. Hi Genesis, Sounds like you're having a serious problem finding resources, I had the same thing with aluminum, just not nearly as bad. My best idea for this is to create a Vehicle Bay, then a Small Shuttle. This'll only cost you a few compound and aluminum. After that, make 2 single-use thrusters for the way there and back, which'll only cost you 2 ammonium and aluminum. Then, go ahead and fly to any planet except for Arid, all the planets except for Arid and Terran have copper on the surface, so you'll find copper very easily then! Hope this helped!
  3. Hi wk03, so on your idea of a map feature added to the game. How would you suggest the map to be added? Would it be added to the HUD, or would it be a placeable item, (that you could put on your character or rover) such as a worklight? If you do a little digging, you'll find that there is a lot of discussion about adding maps, gps, upgraded beacons on here. I'd recommend checking it out and adding a bit more detail into this suggestion.
  4. That sounds awesome, like hydrazine deposits on certain harsh climate planets.
  5. They will most likely add more ways to play the game when its fully developed. Hopefully.
  6. There is already a thread for this.... Its the Suggestions and Ideas.
  7. I mean, I would say I helped the lag....... I felt like you needed some more light! Stop living in the dark! LOL (tell me if you want me to give you this weird save xD) ps. it looks really weird on the outside now LOL
  8. I'm definitely loving this idea. I love interiors in games. Astroneer DID have a small bit of interior before the game was released. You can see photos of this on website. I love this idea though.
  9. Yup, and here is the link. Here you go Also, there is an iOS app too for astroneer wiki.
  10. Well, on the page, you can scroll down and see that they used to have this. It was a pod that you could move around in. I hope the developers add it back into the game.
  11. Well, they are in the new update upgrading our gun! Woohoo! It would be a good idea to have more space on a backpack, it would need to be hard to make so it doesn't remove the purpose of storages.
  12. Hmmm. I like the idea, it might be very glitchy though. Unless it was like a teleporter kind of. like a pad that's you stand on, and it sends you to the area? If so, would there be 3 types? A sender, receiver, and both? This could end up being a very interesting and useful idea.
  13. Woohoo! Every update, I end up adding another 10 hours to the game Cant wait!
  14. @RukaTheFoxAlso, here is a gif of it