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  1. Yeah well the benefits of wacom don't really show up all too much but only because the level of detail on the ground is so low. Perfect solution would be to zoom out a little bit more then be able to sculpt a little bit further. Also, no pressure sensitivity in the game, just imagine how much fun that would be. Yeah yeah but with the mega-canisters attached you'd reach a point where you can't really tell if you're orbiting the planet or if the planet is orbiting your station.
  2. Hmm ok exit to menu first then. I've now defaulted to entering and exitting the vehicle for about 8 times or so
  3. I'm using MG attached to the front of my truck as the only power source on radiated. Tunnels don't provide enough wind, but generators and medium storage full of coal keep me driving a long time, if I'm tunneling a road or something. Edit: I've still had to run to home and get my bigger mining vehicle to tow that one But then I've got MG, solar, wind and a battery - it's just that much less fun to drive around with, so usually I just use a non-connected truck.
  4. Yeah looking good @Lithium but I was thinking more along the lines of you know how when you enter a habitat you see a lot more? Maybe something like that and then be able to terraform the same amount further. If it sounds all too good you can add some disadvantages to it, or maybe it's a module that needs to be slotted to a vehicle?
  5. I've thought of something similar, although there is already a box indicating the angle. The best I've come up with so far is also a two-step, set angle first, then flatten to that angle. It's not too obvious if I would like to adjust it tilt and pan-wise or if just tilting would be enough. It could even act like normal flatten tool but once activated (like normal terraforming, but with this augment/mod it would start an adjustment phase) it would show reading for both tilt and pan angle, and using zoom in and zoom out I could adjust the tilt, and holding down a modifier would change the adjus
  6. Let's fly a bit for that terraforming art we all love the game for.
  7. Yeah yeah I think this requires explanation as to let us flatteners know that this has been aknowledged.
  8. Last time I loaded the game I lost about 50 canisters worth of terraforming + 3 medium batteries worth of progress. I exited the game after going to my vehicle and waiting for the saving game text to dissappear, giving it enough time to do what it's saying. I started playing again after 15 minutes. I'm on radiated planet. This is not the first time I experience this but usually I end up losing only unnoticeable to very little of my progress because I frequently enter and exit my vehicle. i7, 12gb ddr3, very basic drive, gtx 680 mouse & keyboard, windows 10 excavation up
  9. We need this fast! Longer zoom-out augment, call it camera drone, radar augment, sensory upgrade whatever but I would like to zoom out a little bit more... Longer terraform reach range augment/mod/upgrade, essential! I mean wow! I just figured out I can play with wacom + keyboard. I've already learned to drive with wacom. Thanks! I don't care how many batteries I have to drag with me or how much astroneum will these upgrades require, but I would like to see a little bit more and reach a little bit further just to be able to landscape more. Especially steep upward forms are chall