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  1. System: Steam I had been trying to unlock a teleporter a night. So I Landed on Glacio Unlocked a teleporter logged off and went to bed. Rinse and repeat several times. Unlocking about 1 teleporter a day. I started to notice that I had already been to some of the teleporters, but they were showing Dim from other teleporters. To test this I found a Node that showed dim on others, that I knew I had unlocked already. Then beamed to a bright node. Sure enough, when I got to the bright node. The node I had beamed from was now dark, leaving me stranded to die, unable to get back.
  2. Sideways chairs on Large Rovers on version 9.0
  3. When we started playing the new 0.6.0 release we started building the base in multiplayer. We printed a Research Station and placed it on the ground, not on a platform. It unpacked and got stuck to the ground. This might be a feature. And there might be a way to repack it. But we could find no way to move or repack. Is there a way to move or repack a modular item if it gets placed on the ground instead of on a platform? Perhaps ground placement should be disallowed, or repacking should be an option, or maybe we missed the instructions to do so.
  4. First Off, Great update. I like the new base building. There seems to be a bug in multiplayer game joining. I play with my kid on the same network, and with my brother who is not on the same network. When the update came out we updated both of our home machines with the Steam version installed. We were able to join just fine to start. Then my brother joined our game. Things were fine for a few minutes then there was a network error that I should have captured but didn't. It kicked all players out of the game except the host. Then none of us were able to join any game hosted on any machine. I was able to get the two local machines to talk to each other again after restarting both of them. Sorry its vague, hopefully someone else will be able to capture it better.
  5. I have said this before in the suggestion thread, but here goes one more plug. There should be some game difficulty options at the start of a game. I think that allowing trading hydrazine should be a prime candidate for options in the game start menu.
  6. Please do not add guns to this game. All the others have them and it is a refreshing change of pace. This game does not need guns and fighting. There are enough games out there that have them. One of the main reasons that I like this game is that it is very family friendly. It is a great game to play with my 5 year old. This game is about building and exploration. If it changes from building and exploration into just another fighting game I will stop recommending it to other parents. There are lots of games with guns and killing. I don't mind guns and killing games, but I don't want my younger kids playing them yet. Heck I enjoy the laid back change of pace as well sometimes. Please keep this game themed away from the violence of the other games.
  7. Goal: First player to place a Habitat on the End Planet wins. Conditions: All Players start at Terren with a loaded pack, a spaceship, a habitat and two resources attached to the Habitat. Each player establishes a base on the chosen Base Build planet, builds a new Habitat, and a new ship for the end planet. First player to place their new Habitat on the new planet wins. Setup: As a group effort build a Vehicle Bay for each player with a shuttle in each that is loaded with a Habitat. Each player can have whatever they can carry in their pack. Everyone launches at the same time and the space race begins.
  8. The game is a simple one buts lots of fun. Yes you can build everything in a short time. What has been enjoyable for me is attempting to do some of the challenges posted on the forum. I hope they eventually build challenges into the game.
  9. Driving on the moon is awesome. My kids and I enjoy building ramps to jump the big craters . You can get tons of air.
  10. What is your favorite planet to go to? Quiz here:
  11. Back on topic. I kinda like Exotic, it's not the easiest, but its fun.