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  1. How about creating just one planet where lots of players could come and trade objects they have discovered or made? Imagine shooting into space to join the market of creative ideas. Also perhaps there could be a way to buy property and sell things every time you come back to your shop. You could take to people and what not.
  2. Dude, right? Imagine the possibilities! Even imagine playing co-op and having like mech battles with a friend! Also I think it would kind of help when going to other planets!
  3. It would be cool to be able to create robots to fight in an arena kind of like the arena in spy kids hah. We could build our own robots with different layouts having different combinations. if we are playing solo maybe fight with Ai but if we play co-op that would pretty fun. Also whoever would win could get resources or get new pieces. Also to get to this arena we would have to fly our robot in the cargo of a space shuttle.