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  1. astroneer player

    Effects of weather on different equipment!

    no, i want to explore, not needing to keep repairing my base, this would make the game shit
  2. astroneer player

    Addition fix

    yeah i agree, i thought they fixed this
  3. astroneer player

    How about... grappling hooks ala attack on titan?

    also making you able to hang on to something mid air, to build, wich would create a cool factor for in air building
  4. i was thinking, since this game is in the future, maybe attack on titan grappling hooks are an idea, pulling your player with gas (oxygen) that runs out, it would make getting around easyer and it wouldnt be OP since you use your oxygen, it could also help in caves, this would require 2 lithium and tethers to make, becouse its chill, it would also use energy, but just very little and would automaticly charge up while in the sun.
  5. astroneer player

    Idea: Nets

    bit to hard for now
  6. we'll i dont want to be rude, but generators are shit, just build a battery and solarpanels and yr fine
  7. astroneer player

    Actual buildings with interior?

    no, this game is NOT BUUUIIILLDDDINGG its an exploring game, your character lives in the 25th century and wants goollllddd, he is not going to give a crap about a nice house he'll abandon to go to another planet, and he sure dont give a crap about the interior, his truck doesnt even have doors, so yes new buildings and a sleeping capsule, a greenhouse would be cool, but just to drop down and use, not to build.
  8. astroneer player

    Foundry and Aliens

    nah, intelligent alien life would be cool, big aliens too, but spam shitty creatures like minecraft? nah. Maybe cool creatures that are super big and pay no attention to you, and an alien race that wants to exchange stuff, upper class game stuff, new things that are new, who wouldnt love to finaly see a big good ai creature like the dragons in skyrim?
  9. astroneer player

    The most OP thing in the game! (Clickbait title)

    this is not about using it, its about the world, i think astroneer is going to be a cind of god game, you build all your shit, but then your done and can shape at will, they are making selfdesigning(personal) spaceships, probably more planets, its going to be a cool game about building, now yes i havnt played the vaccuum yet but its maybe good to make a gamemode without it, or something to put on and off
  10. no no no no no, mincraft got famous becouse 8 year olds could build and win too becouse of its stupid and random gameplay, astroneer should be a cool base/exploring game, yes water should be added for my part just to shape terrain and make canals, make water dams, but it should keep its coolness, this game is not about building, its exploring, and yes its easy now. making ai, yes but make it smart and make it trade or help you find something, keep the bases the same buildstyle (2 copper = a building) and dont make me rebuild all my shit all the time, this should be a game in wich you build a big ass base and go to another planet to build more, this is not minecraft, this is exploring, playing with waterfalls and and terrain, build elecric trains and automatic recource finders, not 8 year old baby wants to build 2
  11. might be so, yes. But my concern is the focus on the time something takes, your backpacks limit a lot, the gameplay is fine for me, but the machines? no, there could be a thousand cool machines like there are just a few now, but searching & digging cars gathering stuff for you, thats what i want, pure machine power to get through harsh worlds, no stupid stationairy base, one on tracks. a cannon that shoots the ground to pieces so you can jump into the crater to gather stuff, massive self built sattelites, a function to make creatures, interactive ai, asking to help build something and greatly reward for it, endless creative fun, not spending all your time planting crops and worrying about dying, that should just be the beginning
  12. astroneer player


    think..... a train... your character hanging out on the side, his arm floating in the wind... he jums off when the train stops... and takes an assembly line off his backpack, he taps on the train's trailer.... walks down into a cave, sees recources and clicks the assembly line on the ground... the assembly line appears and he starts digging, he throws his items ontp the line, and it starts spinning.... the trailer is full, and he heads back home, thinking of his base, and how cool it will be soon, because he could use a train... of wich HE built the track... and now he can build a lot, without having to bump and slide and course while driving an undrivable truck... astroneer players... you want this train... believe me...
  13. astroneer player


    i was thinking today, i'm on a holliday and found myself sliding down a hill, so i thought why not astroneer? i know there is a sliding thing, but its cinna weird and dangerous around caves, so i thought a sled, you make it whith recin and compound or something and you can slide down properly, and when your not sliding, you can sit on it and push yourself forward with your legs (just as fast as walking) this would not cost energy or extra oxygen, but would make travelling around deep caves easier
  14. astroneer player

    Suit Upgrades Idea - Cosmetic too!

    would be fun i guess, i do think that buying skins, is a bit cheap for a high standard not shooter game. the dressing i think should be limited by carying limits, you have evrything but must decide what to use and what not
  15. astroneer player

    Oxygen should not be infinite

    i most certaily agree, wich idiot (when not equiped and skilled like in the game) would go out in space on its own without being able to make oxygen, btw some planets could have oxygen p.s. the ISS also has oxygen filters so they have infinite, lets keep the game a little fun ey, not spending all your time building and then think hey i want to build another base, and having to build everything again