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  1. i've tried 3 old saves with the new patch. none of them work
  2. so.... today i installed Astroneer Patch 125. I (obviously) tried to load up an old world to play, but it crashed (UE4-Astro). I tried it several times, but it crashed every time. I tried making a new one, and it worked, played on it for about half an hour, and I closed it. I tried to load the new world to (see if the bug occurred for all worlds, or only for older ones) and the game froze for 2 seconds, but then loaded the world. I have a question. Is it able to recover ANY of the stuff on the old world without having to download the older version 119 cracked?
  3. i like the fact that no one has to say anything about this
  4. don't you like that potato? i know you like it i know you love it
  5. Astroneer is the most awesome game I've ever seen. There is only one thing i hate: potatoes NO! NOT POTATOES, IT'S LAG My PC specs are: OS: Windows 10 Pro Processor: Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz RAM: 32 GB System type: 64-bit operating system, x64 based processor Game installed from Steam The more I play and build on a world, the more it lags. Even tho this game is a potato, it requires a NASA computer to run.
  6. Spikers now drop seeds, which can be replanted and grow into another spiker. That's everything i know
  7. BUILD NUMBER: 0.2.10119.0 Cross-play multiplayer between Xbox One and Windows 10 Store PC versions now works! Fix up the way that objects with research items get dug up. You can now kill hazards without uncovering their buried research item. Make spikers destroy after a bit when you dig them up. Spikers can be jumped on without hurting you, like that jellyfish scene from Finding Nemo. Improve the distance at which objects have physics, allowing (for example) zebra balls to roll further from player Fix the disappearance of vehicles and items, particularly whe
  8. I was playing on my friend's server (Steam). I took of from Barren in a spaceship, I hit the launch button again to choose a planet, I choose Terran, and as soon as the bubbles appeared, I clicked on one. I glitched through the planet and "landed" in mid space. I could press Tab or launch again (I had very rare items in my inventory). I pressed the launch button, the doors didn't close, but i couldn't do anything else. I had to re-log (lost all my items). Now, when I am on Barren, i can see the space ship orbiting it and the three dot symbol above it, but i can't get to it and all my items are