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  1. Nich

    Advanced Tethers

    The light is already pushing light speed how much stronger do you need?
  2. @Lithium If you dig to the center of a planet and create a large cavern. Then float from one side to the other very slowly and touch a wall it will kill you or at least it did in .119 have not played in a while But ya it is probably more of a bug then a suggestion
  3. Great job on the list @Lithium although i didn't see low gravity fall damage?
  4. Didn't COD make a space based game with 100x better graphics? 10 years ago I played to starcraft type builder combined with an FPS called Savage that was very good. Had to farm resources to upgrade buildings to better weapons. I would love to see a first person shooter league of legends but this is just not that game. Multiplayer is already easy to kill someone. Just break their tether line while they are in a cave and seal up the entrance. Or build up ground below them and send them into the void to fall to death
  5. If you press U U D D L R L R A B <start><select> you should get infinite O2 and Electricity
  6. Nich

    Space Oregon trail concept

    You have died of dysentery.
  7. It just so happens that our astroneer is an avid comic book collector. I propose we add a happiness bar. Comic books can be found on dead engineers and at crashed ships. If he does not get a comic book every hour he will begin to slow down until the 2 hour mark at which point he will lay down and become unresponsive. Re-spawn at the main base.
  8. Nich

    My Astroneer wants to go.........................

    +1 and lol btw
  9. I think the starting tutorial needs to put more emphasis on the compass. Maybe make it toggle-able.
  10. Nich

    Printed Battery Bug?

    move the battery right on the station. There is a bug were power will not flow to some modules correctly
  11. Nich

    Marbles Marbles Marbles!

    DAM YOU now I have to go find a poka doted one
  12. Nich

    Power Cables -- MUST READ--IDEA

    It is funny how the title says MUST READ when clearly this was a waste of my time. I really miss the KSP forums the number of idiots is an order of magnitude less.
  13. Nich

    Renaming Worlds

    Fixed that for you. Unless you did want to rename Terrain, Arid, tundra, barren, and radiated.
  14. Honestly I thought this thread was hilarious.