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    what?! a wagon? really?! how would you use it? how is it made? what does it do? Would it have any upgrades? well. I am here to answer all of those questions. 1. What does it look like? A wagon is what you'd use to carry things around in. it would be red and it would look (almost) like this. plus it would have a attachable at the back so you could put another one on it. 2. How would you use it? You would use it by pressing Q to hold on to the handle bar. 3. How is it made? It is made by 2 Aluminum 4. What does it do? you would walk around, maybe in a cave, and you'd put something in it. The wagon would be able to hold 2 research Unknowns, or 2 storage's or a seat to carry your friends around in. 5. Would it have any upgrades? Well, would have another wagon but it would be a little bigger, and it would hold be able to hold 3 Research Unknowns or 3 seats, or 3 storages. maybe in the future this might be put in the game who knows. but its a pretty good idea, cause you would not have been able to fit a rover or a truck into a cave. it would be too annoying to drive around in. (you would have to be a crazy person to do that)
  2. wat happened to the good game? i didnt go to space, i fell through it, im. in. the. ground.
  3. Whinnie


    wat. (day 500) my buddy sent my truck that i spent ages making into space.
  4. Whinnie

    weird satellite underground thingy?

    no i dont see any power connection.
  5. I found this satellite that was underground theres nothing really that hooks up to it i thought it would be that minigame thingy. does anybody know what this is?
  6. Hey how are yeh, this is 4 ideas for the community. 1. A parachute. (or an umbrella) A parachute is to be used to get down from a mountain or if your falling from a cave into a deeper one. 2. A rope! this mechanism is used for climbing up or down from caves, No more sliding for you! you can climb up or down a rope in 4 easy steps! 1. press Tab 2. press W or S to slide up or down 3. Press A or D to swing side to side! 4. press Space to jump off. 3. A detector. This sturdy thing is used for detecting ores and such on a Truck or Rover. with the help of Coal/Organics you can hook this baby up and look for any ore you want! (not everything but you know what i mean) For 1 Coal/Organic: Resin and Copper Ore For 3 Coal/Organic: Aluminum Ore and Lower than that. For 6 Coal/Organic: Higher than Aluminum 4. Hail storms. In a ice-y place/white place, just like a sandstorm but from the skies, a huge cloud floats over where ever you are and it becomes dark, then big cubes start crashing into the ground. the only safe place to go is in your shuttle or any seat/underground.